Who Do You Think Would Be A Good Running Mate For Joe Biden?

by minimus 102 Replies latest jw friends

  • Mr.Finkelstein

    Since Biden is a house plant at this point,

    If he just a silly house plant why is he going to be elected over Trump come the next election ?

  • minimus

    Fink he isn’t. You always think Trump is down for the count. The reality is he’s still around

  • Simon

    It's got to be some kind of care-nurse, surely?

  • Mr.Finkelstein

    Well the White House will be his home, dont you people have respect for the elderly ?

  • minimus

    Rumors are swirling that his camp is very concerned over his cognitive skills. It is getting worse by the week. Poor Joe

  • minsky
    Considering the state Biden is in my bet is they are searching for someone who looks like his wife 30 years ago so he won't look surprised every time he sees her.
  • RubaDub

    If Michelle or Colin Powell would accept it, then the election is over. Trump can go and play golf.

    Otherwise, Tulsi Gabbard, US House Representative from Hawaii.

    A no-nonsense Congress person who has done her tours in Afghanistan and sounds at least half-way intelligent. She reminds me of someone with the "balls" of Hillary Clinton but doesn't fly around on a broom. One downside is that she is from Hawaii, a State that the Dems will win in any case, so there is no help with her in battleground States.

    When our choices for President are Beevis or Butthead, and our current VP who would better serve as a department store mannequin, we have to have a good VP ready to step in.

  • minimus

    Colin who?? He’s a throwback no one remembers. Michelle is not a politician and she’s done nothing special, really. Tulsi is hot but quite inconsequential in the political ideology of our time.

    So bottom line no one good is there to take the reins over if President Biden starts really failing-

  • WTWizard

    Barbra Scheißand, who blamed Trump's election for her getting so fat eating too much. You want to "fix" what Trump did, you get into office and do it yourself.

    In which case, I would rather elect a coronavirus for president. At least that would not further place war conditions on us, give us mandatory vaccinations (flu or Covid) with RFID chips to prove you had your shot, and race baiting. Obviously, I would only hope enough people hate that thing's "music" (lately, given along with political lectures that are, at best, extreme far left, and are as bad as that sorry excuse of "music" that thing produces).

    And if Biden doesn't like it, too bad.

  • greenhornet

    I think Sleepy Joe should be in the firearm industry. He started marketing the AR 14

    Image result for joe biden ar 14 lower receiver

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