If You Ruled Your Own Country......

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  • czarofmischief

    I would outlaw credit cards with interest rates of over 5%.

    I would not let the WTO in and would certainly declare that I wouldn't be paying back any loans taken out from them before I came to power.

    I'd tell my people that we are responsible for each other.

    I'd find my strongest opponent, and make him mayor of my capital. where I can see him. And have him killed if necessary.

    Legal marijuana, and we'd sell whatever people wanted to buy, including cocaine and all that stuff that angers those religions that like to keep people under control.

    Religion would be "legal" but every time something would go wrong I'd blame "religionists" and have the mob take out their fury on churches and kingdom halls.

    Freedoms would be guaranteed, like the freedom to speak.

    I'd make abortion mandatory unless you really wanted a baby - you'd value your kid more if you had to fight for it. Otherwise, hook'em and sink'em!


  • Frannie Banannie
    Frannie Banannie

    Czar, some of that's really scarey, cher....but I liked the "no credit cards charging over 5% interest".....you *will* let us know if you fulfill this....er...um....dream of yers, won't ya?

    Frannie B (of the "Frightened Family Class" from Saturday Night Live)

  • frenchbabyface

    If I ruled the world … (but it’s not necessary … lol … but true it’s my project actuallynot to rule the worldbut this is one of a kind idea that I’m ready to share with you)

    Everyone would have to be protected, assisted and counselled by two professionals in independent concurrence (a 3rd one if it’s necessary). Those who have been in charge would always remain responsible of they’re job …

    Most of our troubles are related to individualism/egocentrism (and this is one way to get rid of the problem in using the cause of the problem : individualism by concurrence) People who wants more money, power, recognisance, just would have to prove that they are the best (you get what you deserve) … and instead or bothering or killing us because of they’re egoism, everybody could take advantage of it …

    My project is much more complicated than that, but wouldn’t cost a penny actually it's an economical project in fact (it would be more economical at least I think 20 % off of many products and services costs and lots of new, present and old jobs could be created to answer the real needs) … to be clear on this everybody's don't dream or need to live 24h/24 in a palace nor driving a Porsh ... don't you think ?

    But you know what? I still wonder If people are ready for it (people have been screwed so much) … People I’ve talked about told me : just do it ! but I feel quiet alone on managing this … I discover this web site while I was trying to get out of it a little bit ... (I’m looking for reliable partners – already got one from USA and one from CHINA, lots more needed but I need technicians for the begining). More we will be, and easier we can make it (all profession are needed ... I'll tell you why if you're interested). Maybe we can make it together … It would be interesting … EX JWs at least got a NEW solution !No obligation here I’ll find a way to make with or without you, or forget about it (I might die beforethat’s why I don’t care giving some hints, just hope that it won't be leaded by bad persons but I'm not scared in fact in this kind of system they wouldn’t last very long anyway - concurrence ! ) …

    If somebody have the same idea ... get in touch with me (let's try to go futher on this with everyones ideas)

    But if I would like to go more far than that

    Every people might always have the choice between 2 or 3 citizenships … also concurrence … but I can’t make this one happen … LOL

    Read you ...

  • Yerusalyim
    I would let people live their own lives the rule would be 'If it harms none, do what you will'.

    That's just the thing Moonwillow, generally, what someone else does affects others. Drug addicts are fine, accept the crime rate goes up. Dave doesn't want to work, so someone else has to pay for his Housing Project abode.

    Society is interrelated...there are few things we do that don't affect others.

    My country would proclaim PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY as paramount. We'd help those who needed it, but get something in return. No free rides, no free lunches. Those on the public dole would be cleaning streets, cutting the grass at parks, etc. Those who refused to work would find themselves penniless.

  • ColdRedRain

    My bill of rights for my country

    1. Government is not to restrict uninvasive free speach, uninvasive free assembly or uninvasive religion, or establish such.

    2. Citizens have the right to personally arm themselves for protection unless deemed unfit for weaponry by members of their community, mental health specialists and their local police force. In times of invasion, this exception is waived.

    3. Citizens have the right of free intoxication by liquor or of any naturally occuring drug.

    4. Political parties are not to exist in this Republic.

    5. You have the right to remain silent while being interrogated, you also have the right to a lawyer, a speedy trial and non-contestment of your charges.

    6. The state shall not put anyone to death, rather, if somebody is found to be a threat to multiple persons, he/she shall have their right to exist extinguished, and will be forced to wear a mark distinguishing such.

    7. The state shall not inquire about your private status unless you are a threat to our society. Threats to society are determined by a group of 7 peers, only needing a majority vote for a search warrant.

    8. The state shall not inhibit the right of anybody to pursue happiness and wealth unless it is determined that the person is aquiring it through theft or at the uncontesting expense of others.

    9: Elections shall be held using a hybrid electoral/popular vote. The winner of the most electoral votes is the winner of the election. However, in an electoral tie, the one with the most popular votes gets the tiebreaker.

    10: Any socialist is to be deported from the country :) (Just kidding)

    You have the right to exist as a person unless you are a threat to the life of another person.

  • Utopian Reformist
    Utopian Reformist

    1. No funding, endorsement, support, legalization, or promotion of any religion of any kind. All personal beliefs would be strictly personal. Proselytizing would be illegal. Religion would be recognized legally, nor granted any special status or privileges. Each citizen would be responsible for their own beliefs in private. 2. The official calendar would be modified to remove all holidays and celebrations. Labor laws would ensure all employers provide employees with a minimum of 30 days paid vacation per year. All employees would receive 15 sick/wellness/healthcare days for medical purposes. Scheduling would depend upon emergencies, seniority and finally business needs. 3. All citizens would pay a flat tax of 10% of their income to the national government. An appropriate regional or state tax of 5% would also be collected for state/municipal services. 4. My country would not accept or form any alliances, unless under direct attack. Neutrality in international affairs would be the primary foreign policy. Fair and open trade would be granted with all willing participants. Countries with objectionable practices would be boycotted (slavery, child labor, child pornography/sex trade, narcotics,terrorism). 5. All special privileges, benefits, salaries and compensation would be removed for all government employees. Civil service would become service oriented and a standard wage and benefits system would be enacted. All lobbying activities would be outlawed. All salaries for presidents, senators, congressmen, judges, agency directors, would be reduced to the national average for all citizens. 6. All sporting salaries would be legally capped for athletes at one million dollars per calendar year. 7. Legislation would be enacted to heavily tax the marketing/mass media industry and also limit the alloted broadcasting time for advertising to one hour nightly between 5PM & 6PM. 8. Legislation would be enacted to limit the salary of all chief executives to $250,000 per year. Investor & reporting fraud would be punishable by complete forfeiture of all assets, fines and a minimum of 20 years in prison sans parole options. 9. Wall street would be under administrative lockdown and constant supervision. 10. All citizens would be provided government sponsored loans to purchase homes. New land would be cleared to make room for homes to empty the projects, ghettos and serve the homeless. 11. Healthcare would be provided by the national government. 12. All citizens would be entitled to government sponsored education to the bachelor's level. Tuition would be legally capped at 10,000 per year for private schools, and 5,000 per year at public schools. Where would the money come from for all of these programs? By dispossessing the athletes, entertainers, executives, lobbyists, politicans, clergy, and known criminals. Hard working successful small and medium sized entrepreneurs would not be sequestered for assets. The seized assets would be liquidated to raise the standard of living, health and education for all citizens. Unwilling citizens would be forcibly dispossessed and forced to leave the country. How's that for starters?

  • teenyuck
    The seized assets would be liquidated to raise the standard of living, health and education for all citizens. Unwilling citizens would be forcibly dispossessed and forced to leave the country. How's that for starters?

    Sounds like the U.S.S.R.

  • core

    Free Bible Studies for ALL - Seats Free - NO COLLECTIONS

    No sorry tried that it did not work

  • Yerusalyim


    You're HILARIOUS!


    Your brand of government has been tried before, it's called COMMUNISM and it's a dismal failure.

    All personal beliefs would be strictly personal. Proselytizing would be illegal.
    So in your country there is neither freedom of religion or freedom of speech. FUN< Count me OUT!
  • LittleToe


    By dispossessing the athletes, entertainers, executives, lobbyists, politicans, clergy, and known criminals.

    Strewth - do you believe that ANYTHING of the modern way of life is worth preserving?
    In addition, what have you got against the arts?

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