If You Ruled Your Own Country......

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  • Aztec

    There would be lots of beer and hockey! The only immigrant allowed would be Rayzorblade with occasional visits by AlanF and Logansrun just to smarten us all up and Farkel to teach us all how to cuss properly. I would, of course, be in charge of everything, which would make it a more habitable place to live than any place currently on Earth.



    Aztec: too much CC me thinks

    Don't forget, ol' Rayzorblade needs transportation to the land of Vernors and Better Made Potato Chips: iiz2cool <OMG - how could we forget him??

    He's an essential link to my Michigan migration.

    Don't forget, Stan Conroy is across the river from yee - we have to factor him in here somewheres.

  • Aztec

    CC Corrupt Canucistanis? (like Toronto Trash..LOL) Colorless Canadians? What?

    Of course I'd allow visits by Iiz2cool, Expatbrit, Mouthy, Scully and other cool Canadians that I like but you'd be the only natuarlized citizen.

    My country would RULE!


  • Aztec

    Forgot to mention...I would kick out of my country anyone with a closed mind or anyone with who blindly supported George Bush Junior. Those people could take their SUV lovin, gun tottin booties elsewhere. Yeah, I hug trees...LOL! But, I also think for myself.


  • jelly

    Two words, bomb canada.


    1. Freedom of speech in print would be absolute, freedom to yell like a lunatic would not
    2. Payroll taxes would be greatly reduced, so would government spending
    3. Welfare spending would be reduced, funding for welfare to work programs would be increased
    4. Many vices would be legalized and taxed like crazy (drugs prostitution) these things would be limited to a certian location in the city. Like my house for example
    5. Education would be funded equally per child and not funded by the areas property tax (rich areas better education poor weaker)
    6. Sane law abiding citizens could buy guns without delay. They would also be responsible for what is done with them.
    7. No government health care; it does not work. Tax credits equaling 80% of cost for any private company that provides healthcare to their employees. This would get more americans health care but would live the private sector looking for ways the get better service at less cost
    8. Affirmative action would be over penalites for discriminatory hiring practices would be increased
    9. The price of college tuition would be based on your ability to pay
    10. Almost all government functions would be privitized (Post office, education etc etc)
    11. No foreign aid
    12. After our current crop of wars all American troops come home from everywhere, let the world deal with its own problems, no nato no un
    13. Imigration would be based on our economic need and for no other reason. If we need workers to support our economy let people in, if not dont
    14. Imigration from countries that seem to want us all dead would stop
    15. The ten commandments would be removed from courthouses, Santa Claus would not be
    16. Only allow products into America from countries that maintain fair labor practices. yes, i know this will reduce our standard of living but I dont like seeing 10 year old girls chained to sowing machines in bangladesh
    17. Have an extremly strong millitary, because the rest of the world in composed of nuts


  • Vivamus

    I would have an elite core of Viv-worshippers close by all the time. I would give huge parties for all those who worshipped me. I would make all others work like mules and raise extremely high taxes, that would be spend on those parties.

    I'd be a tyrant


    And the world shall tremble in the wake of the Blue Bubblegum
    Dutch District Overbeer

  • yxl1

    Legalize MJ, outlaw the Daily Mirror and Alcopops, reintroduce caining at schools and allow the BBC to show every Premiership, Nationwide and International football game. Outlaw televised Golf, darts and all sport involving Cars. Raise taxes to 97.9% for anyone who attends a KH, and introduce the gallows for anyone going door-to-door. Outlaw mobile phones and "Boy bands". Bring back hanging for all sex crimes involving kids and an immeadiate 10 years imprisionment for anyone who drives the in middle lane on the M25 for their entire journey. Outlaw "reality TV" and recomission 100 new seasons of Family Guy and Chris Carters Millennium....oh and legalize MJ.

  • Frannie Banannie
    Frannie Banannie

    Good call, Moonwillow....and understandable...

    Frannie B

  • Frannie Banannie
    Frannie Banannie

    Yes, indeedy, (((LadyLee)))....we probably all need those courses anyway, cherie!

    Frannie B

  • Frannie Banannie
    Frannie Banannie

    [email protected]'ll be interested in seeing what difference there is in your views on this when you're not high, cher...

    Frannie B

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