Jussie Smollett Charges Dropped!!

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  • Nathan Natas
  • DesirousOfChange

    hope the feds send him to a federal pound me in the ass prison

    So you think that's a punishment for Smollett?

    Don't do him any favors.

  • OnTheWayOut

    Liberals should not be afraid to speak out. Wrong is wrong.

    Michelle Obama contacted someone who got to States Attorney Kim Foxx to drop the charges. She better have a job offer as this could end her in the next election.

    The reason is stated that these cases are often pleaded out to community service or such. Then maybe she should have done that.

    The city sent Jussie a bill for $130,000. Good for them. He went on and on about his innocense and wanting his record wiped. I hope fighting the bill leads to civil court where his innocense would be examined.

    Everyone is hurt by false accusations like these.

    And remember that no conviction, no collusion charges, no indictments, doesn't always mean no criminal activity.

  • minimus

    Otwo , are you alluding to Trump? We are talking about Jussie.

  • minimus

    Chris Rock skewered “jessy” last night. He said he lost the U when he lost all respect.

  • DesirousOfChange

    Political talk shows this morning did not even mention Smollett.

    Shocked that Chris Wallace ignored it. Maybe FOX is trying to suck up to get one of the Dems debates.

  • ShirleyW
    Chris Rock skewered “jessy” last night. He said he lost the U when he lost all respect.

    Min, are we finally in agreement with something? I guess Armageddon is on it's way then! Chris is on point, he usually is in my opinion, just a few things he's said I don't agree with, but on point with this one. BTW I wouldn't call it a "skewering" but he did say what he had to say especially since he started off with he was warned not to say anything anything about Smollett

  • minimus

    I love Chris Rock

  • nonjwspouse

    The Chicago political machine is so real. My sister held a political office in Will County, Ill. for a short time. Her win was unexpected ( Basically a quiet office, so her office was under the radar until she won and caused noise.) She saw some of the ugly and extremely powerful underbelly of that machine. ( Both parties are involved)

    Hollywood does have a political ( which is also media) pass many times. Especially when one party takes a "personal" interest or finds a benefit in the subject. It sickens me.

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