Just what constitutes a "good seat" at an assembly?

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  • Panda

    Oh I almost forgot to ask... did anyone else do restroom cleaning in their new clothes? What a disaster! That'll teach the women not to buy new stuff for every assembly day!

  • Nikita

    I am very proud to say that I never cleaned any bathroom at any hall or any convention! Don't know how I lucked out with that!



    Imho the best seat at the assembly is one just like i had the last time i went .......in the car sunglassess on and taking a fat nap , only to be disturbed to one of the firickin parking lot attendents . they should stick to what they do best , acting like they are bringing in a damn plane you know how they wave there friggin arms at every car that enters the dang lot. I really pised one doode of by parking where the hell i wanted . it was a hoot .


  • RoadDoctor

    Tinkerbell, the best seat was my face actually. LOL I'm only kidding, that is the perv in me coming out. I preferred sitting up in the seats on the 700 level of Filthydelphia. You could sleep up there, and hardly any attendants to stop us from screwing around.

    My question is: has anyone ever "tailgated" in a DC parking lot? It's been done a few times, usually the parking lot people wont notice until you first light off your grill....so the thing you do is light it off at lunch time, and then never stop your lunch break, continue it for the rest of the afternoon.

  • razorMind

    At the DC's I grew up attending, the "best" seats were the ones in the middle area of the coliseum.

    You had the hard plastic seats above this area, and you had the hard seats and armless cushioned "fold-up" seats (almost worse than the hard seats!) below this area.

    But those middle seats! Deep, soft, cushiony, and had arms. You could just sink down and go right to sleep.

    Boy, was competition fierce for those middle seats.....downright ugly.

  • jwbot

    For me, the best seats were way up high so that I could take a nap and not get dirty stares (not that I would notice when I was asleep anyway). I slept so much at assemblies, even when I was older, in fact, I probably slept more as I aged.

    My parents liked the seats as close to the stage as possible. I only liked assemblies for the lunch hour. I just liked being around huge amounts of people.

  • Stacy Smith
    Stacy Smith

    I would say the best seat is behind the wheel of a sports car with the Cow Palace in the rear view window.

  • Mac

    The worst seats were the ones directly under the balcony where youngsters would throw or drop cherry pits on yer head!!!!!!..........The best were front row balcony where I could throw or drop cherry pits on someones head!!!!! As I got older I favored the back row as noone behind me could see were my hands were on the cutie next to me......I guess the "New System" is out of the question for me!!! :( mac

  • Stacy Smith
    Stacy Smith
    I favored the back row as noone behind me could see were my hands were on the cutie next to me

    So you were the guy. That's ok, you had soft hands.

  • Mac

    Yes....I moisturize..and you had soft......... ;) mac

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