Just what constitutes a "good seat" at an assembly?

by xjw_b12 40 Replies latest social humour

  • SadElder

    My best seat was always my senior dub office complete with sound and video, where the AC ran full blast, and had two junor-assistant dub attendants sitting outside in the hallway keeping people out. What fun, how sad.

  • Betsy

    Don't forget every young sister's dream seat....one where she has a perfect view of some cute guy she can ogle while pretending to listen and watch the stage. Heaven forbid if the object of your affection somehow got a seat behind you. You'd be nervous the whole day wondering if they were looking at the back of your head (or your butt when standing for the song....).


  • wednesday

    Generally the box seats, an isle seat.

    I refuse to ever sit in the nose bleed sections again.

    I also will not sit on the floor again, as i have done for so many years, b/c of my mom.

    I won't sit anywhere, cause i'm not going.

  • zev

    Just what constitutes a "good seat" at an assembly?

    right behind the sista with the big mameries and a low cut blouse

  • stillajwexelder

    Is it a seat, that has a higher back on it, that if you actually slouch down in it, you can catch a few winks without anybody noticing, until you start snoring, or do the head bob?

    This works for me - especailly during the Public Talk sunday afternoon

  • Nikita

    LOL Betsy! Sounds just like the way my mind works!

    I also preferred an aisle seat, so as to escape be able to go to the bathroom--but the bathroom didn't have to be too close--just close enough for a nice long, leisurely stroll to wake me up.

  • somebody


    Are you really an elder or were you ever an elder? I want to ask you some questions if you are or were. I'll ask via PM if you will give me that much.

    And....My "good seat" would have been on Fred Hall's lap.



  • Elsewhere

    *** Staring at Betsy's boo'tay ***

    *** Grabbing hand and pulling it back ***

    Must... not... grab... ass....

  • Betsy

    It's gotten bigger since I was a teen, but feel free to sqeeeeeezzzzzeeeee....


  • Panda

    WOW, I remember the days of begging early risers to save us seats. I also remember realizing how uncomfortable and bored I'd get at the assemblies. I always stayed at the hotel or home for at least one day. I think now that the best seats were the ones with leg room if I had to be there at all. So, the best seats were the ones in front of the tv watching R rated movies on the hotel cable!

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