Why the NFL Protest Is a Massive and Insulting Failure

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  • MeanMrMustard

    @Brokeback: not "who". Rather, "what". "What perspective"

    Answer: The objective one. The one that isn't racially charged. The one backed up by facts instead of "feels".

  • Brokeback Watchtower
    Brokeback Watchtower

    O you mean MMM.

  • MeanMrMustard

    2+2 = 5 is incorrect according to who's perspective???

  • LV101

    Looters in Florida -- is there a link here? I did see Looters but not sure if it was Houston or Florida.

  • hybridous

    There exists an old adage, that 'you don't shit where you eat'.

    There's a good chance that these protests are a tactical error, and this will bear itself out before too long.

    Putting aside the merits of the protesters assertions, average working-class people resent being preached at during their entertainment - by millionaires, to boot!

    I know that heavy-handed moralizing about wrongs I've never committed failed to be a selling point for the JW religion...might not sell so well for the NFL players.

  • freemindfade

    Brokeback is everything that is wrong with this whole thing

    1. supports a baseless, nebulous protest

    2. Thinks criticism = censorship

    As usual, Dave Rubin is the most rational balanced voice on these issues. This gives the reality of this whole thing from every angle.


  • OrphanCrow

    4:38 of the above video...or thereabouts...the commentator says that tRump has the right to say whatever he wants (free speech) "...as long as he doesn't use his government influence to silence people...". Apparently, from earlier comments in this video, the commentator has confined 'using government influence' as only those acts that are put into legal motion. Or something like that...

    I disagree with this view.

    Everybody, every single person on this planet, has a political position. And that position is designated by the person's relationship to power. Trump has a political position. And that position is very, very influential. To ignore that is to ignore a whole herd of elephants stampeding through the newsroom.

    Trump owes everyone in America the right to be represented (Trump's voice is the voice of America) by someone who uses his free speech responsibly. Trump doesn't do that. Trump's voice does, indeed, silence people regardless of whether the words are an executive order or not. He speaks literally (legally) for all of America on the world stage. He speaks for you. His voice is your voice. That is the way politics and power works.

    Trump's words silence people. Because of who he is politically. To ignore that is perilous.

  • redvip2000
    You still seem to be clinging to the unproven narrative that the police are cruising round looking for black people to shoot. Do people actually believe it for real?

    Well, i don't believe that, and I'm not clinging to that narrative. Not sure if you mean that for someone else.

    Again, my point is exactly how i stated it. If you fight back against the police, and you threaten their security you have a good chance of getting shot. Now, how you are able to read that, and draw a notion that I think the police are driving around looking to shoot people, is baffling.

  • never a jw
    never a jw

    Excellent point by David Reuben. Except that in matters of free speech the president has "more free speech" than the rest of us. He has access to the pulpit with the biggest audience. And unfortunately his style, even substance, is very divisive.

  • Simon
    Trump has a political position. And that position is very, very influential. To ignore that is to ignore a whole herd of elephants stampeding through the newsroom

    I agree that Trump, as president, has some "influence" with his speech (although a lot of people don't seem to be swayed by it so how much really?) but when it comes to law, it's clear that there is a difference between that and using the power of government to interfere.

    Obama did the latter when the IRS deliberately targeted groups favourable to his political opponents.

    He also did worse than Trump is doing now when by commenting and taking a public side on an ongoing legal case (Trayvon Martin) and then repeatedly stepped over the legal line by sending government agencies to conduct activism.

    Trump is a citizen as well as president and can voice his opinion. God knows, the rule that Clinton-the-fly-whisperer has set now seems to be "never shut up talking" (what is wrong with her? when a fly lands on your face a normal human wafts it away or blinks at least!)

    So on the scale of "is Trump Satan?" that the left seems to go off, no, he isn't. He's a self-serving buffoon, but they are damping their powder by many of the attacks and claims against him where their own messiah did equal or worse.

    I feel that protest of government policies a good thing when it can be done in a peaceful way and the government don't step in with brutal measures for the protesters.
    In this case, what government policies are being protested?
    I don't know just ill treatment of black in general by police and courts?

    This is the problem with listening to propaganda and blindly believing it - finding the facts takes a bit more effort but will result in you having a more thorough understanding of an issue and the ability to voice your opinion in a more considered way.

    If you truly believe that the police and courts treat black people unfairly, then you should be able to compelling present evidence. A few individual cases won't do - there will always be variations in the standards of justice but those can clearly be shown to be along wealth and social status lines, not race.

    Where is the evidence?

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