Why the NFL Protest Is a Massive and Insulting Failure

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  • redvip2000


    I agree that his protest is misguided. I don't see how kneeling during the national anthem, has any correlation with some grievances about police treatment of the black community. This just shows how people are so prone to following trends, without much thought.

    If Colin Kaepernick had decided to do jumping jacks, they would likely be doing that. Why kneel? Why during the national anthem? And why exactly wouldn't you just go protest in front of the police station that you have some grievances against? At least that would make some sense. They don't because their lazy privileged asses, find it out much easier to bend one knee in a place where they are supposed to be anyway. We're so impressed..

    But this doesn't take away from yet another facepalm moment from the Orange Baby. Every time he opens his mouth, we now expect nothing but the usual brainless stupidity. An avalanche of thoughts, that has zero pondering behind it. No thought lingers in his brain for more that a tenth of a second before it's rushed out through this dried lips, without considering of how it will sound.

    How sad to be the laughing stock of the world.

  • never a jw
    never a jw

    Hecce: "It has been going on for one year and it was picking up steam before the President's comments."

    My point remains, Trump has made the protest into big news instantly and the backlash is enormous. You may be more interested in facts. That's good, but race relations in the U.S. require much more than just presenting the facts. You have a group of people that have been abused for hundreds of years and shaking out the idea that racism is no longer the greatest issue is not going to be an easy task. Trump and his supporters are going about fixing the problem the wrong way. They are going to make this country as divided as it was in the 1800's.

  • never a jw
    never a jw

    "No thought lingers in his brain for more that a tenth of a second before it's rushed out through this dried lips, without considering of how it will sound."

    So true. Sam Harris has made reference to Trump's "ability" to jump instantly from one statement to the next and without any forethought.

  • freemindfade

    The players and everyone have to keep explaining how people shouldn't be offended because it's not disrespectful to the flag, anthem or veterans. ok... if you have to keep explaining why YOU think it's not disrespectful, maybe you have chosen a piss poor medium for protesting. The message is not clear, it's not clear what they are protesting game to game, or what the actual meaning is of kneeling during the anthem, it's all up to interpretation, that's why it's a big mess.

    So some football player has to keep explaining to people it offends that it's not supposed to be offensive, then what is it suppose to be??? Without being provocative whats the point? Sacrifice something, refuse to play and get paid, how about that? Or just call it what it is, giving the finger to an America.

  • LV101

    Seriously -- Trump started this racism crazy going on -- that's absurd!I I think you better look at one of the political parties in this country that has attributed greatly to the problem -- unbiased research for a change. First thing that's always yelled out is racism and It's grown exponentially the past few yrs - unfortunately.

  • StarTrekAngel

    If there is one thing that was an awakening within an awakening (for me) is the fallacy of nationalism. It is one thing to respect the country of your birth or naturalization and one totally different to assign absolute devotion to a piece of fabric, regardless of the color. The day our politicians and our laws align with that same respect, they can come demand that I consider representing and upholding such respect in symbol. This is no different than saying the GB are fucking up everything but you must still symbolize yourself to Jehovah. Don't mind what they do... trust in Jehovah, look the other way and symbolize your dedication for the rest of your life. In fact, in other countries, whom Americans would perceive as not being as free as the US, you take an official oath of allegiance to the flag when you are in elementary school. This is seen by the general public as a stepping stone for a child (same as baptism)

    In other words, we are conditioned to see patriotism summarized as a ritual that must be carried out in public. If after the anthem has been sang and the oath declared, we cheat on our taxes or we bribe or accept bribes while in public office (insert whatever other despicable act of treason here) then the oath was false and just as reprehensible.

    Wake up people. Tradition must have a foundation. Our elected officials continue to beat us into submission by means of these rites of rendition while they wipe their shitty buttholes with the same flag they shame you with. No different than the WT.

    As for me and for as long as the above continues to happen, respecting national symbols of any country should be optional and personal. Once the above is fixed or at least it begins to correct, then we could go back and reprioritize our acts of allegiance. Who knows... we may discover a totally new tradition.

    Or may be I am having an idealist day.

  • just fine
    just fine

    The flag, to me, represents freedom. The opportunities this country has given me are unmatched. The opportunities are endless, there is nothing I cannot do or become because of what that flag stands for. In many other countries my prospects would be limited because of my gender or the fact that I reject religion.., but here none of that matters. So thankful for my life in the USA. I think if they want to protest anything our flag/ national anthem isn't the place.

  • sir82

    I think if they want to protest anything our flag/ national anthem isn't the place.

    It's precisely because people feel so strongly about the symbolism of the flag that makes it an effective protest.

    No one would pay much attention if people protested by, say, remaining seated while the cable repair guy drove up in his truck.

  • Simon
    his reasons for kneeling was to bring attention to police brutality against African-Americans

    And this is why there are protests and marching, shouting and showboating ... anything to distract from the fact that there is insufficient evidence of the widespread racism in the system as claimed. What can be changed when it's not even proven that there is a problem? This is why vague notions of "systemic racism" were invented after the Ferguson investigation failed to find any actual racism and why people want to make out that just being white makes someone racist and oppressive.

    Prove the issue first! This is NOT the same as black people being banned from getting on buses or anything so clear cut and discriminatory. The numbers just simply aren't there to support it. There are no longer any laws that specifically target any single race. There are some policies that don't treat people of different races fairly, but they are usually sold as "positive discrimination".

    This is why anytime there is a discussion about this people resort to discussing feelings or trying to ignore or work backwards from the numbers or start making accusations - anything but look at the facts.

  • LV101

    Nice quote by Sam Harris and, obviously, ole Hil and Clinton & Co. omitted the 10th of a second synapse charge and straight to actions all for the good of their wealth portfolio. Maybe Harris needs to check out different science. Of course, different rules/regs = mammoth personal assets in politics. Obama -- I won't waste my time.

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