North-Eastern US Blackout

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  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    possibility that the heat may be a factor

    hospitals are reporting that their generators may not last

    US gov't says not terrorists but rather overload on the system - a cascade problem

    Canada may be able to get off the grid and get onto another one to restore power

    Jew Jersey to Ohio affected

    Con ED programmed to shut down and smoke is natural to protect ConEd. Not sure how long to power up again

    advise - go home - open windows due to heat - drink liquids - police will direct traffic and help to get out of subways is on the way

    Niagara Mohawk Power grid overloaded - but not confirmed

    ConEd and fire commissioner everything is calm in NYC. System is set to shut down as protection and not to worry

    People should go home

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    so far all hospitals are OK

    Mayor of NYC "No evidence 100% no terrorists are involved"

    Now saying a Manhattan power plant was responsible

    Connecticut and Washington also affected

  • Euphemism

    Great... I tried to call my parents in NY. As I expected, all circuits are busy.

    Has there ever been a blackout this wide before?

  • Jourles

    well, the latest is that the Mohawk Niagra plant caused an overload which sort of dominoed to other plant's grids.

  • blondie

    Yes, in the 60's, euph, "Where were you when the lights went out" was a movie about it.

    Major power failure across Northeast
    N.Y. power plant on fire; ripples knock out electricity
    for millions
    Thousands of New Yorkers flooded streets where traffic signals were not working.
    Aug. 14 — A fire at a major New York power plant caused cascading blackouts throughout the Northeast, the Midwest and eastern Canada late Thursday afternoon, knocking out electricity to millions of people in New York, Toronto, Detroit, Cleveland and elsewhere.

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    FEDERAL POWER REGULATORS did not identify the power plant, but CNN reported that a fire had been reported at a transformer at the Consolidated Edison plant in New York City. Most of the affected cities are linked on the same regional power grid.
    Officials of the Homeland Security Department said there were no indications that the blackout was the work of terrorists.
    The evening rush hour was just beginning in the East, and NBC correspondents described scenes of pandemonium as thousands of New Yorkers streamed into streets where traffic signals were not operating.
    The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey said it was crippled. Buses, trains and subways were not running. WNBC-TV reported that fire crews were heading down into the subways to check on thousands of stranded passengers.
    Jim Tsumi of Riverdale, N.Y., was sitting on the shoulder of Highway 495 leading to the Lincoln Tunnel.
    “I got no hope getting home tonight,” he said, pointing across the river at Manhattan, where the West Side Highway and a two-mile traffic jam were clearly visible. “It’s like 9/11 again. I hope this is nothing big.”

    NBC special report: Power outage in North America
    WNBC newscast: Power outages across North America
    Navy acquistion program
    More live video
    The blackout stretched from Hartford, Conn., and Syracuse, N.Y., west to Detroit and Cleveland and north to northwest Ontario. The entire city of Toronto was affected, MSNBC television reported.
    The Federal Aviation Administration said that its facilities were operating normally on backup power and that planes in the air were in no danger. FAA officials told NBC News that individual airport terminals could be affected, however, and Detroit Metropolitan Airport was temporarily closed.
    Much of New England, however, including all of Massachusetts, Rhode Island and New Hampshire, southern Vermont and eastern Connecticut, were unaffected, as were other areas of Canada, including Montreal and Quebec City.
  • drwtsn32

    Damn! I warned those power companies not to run Windows XP on the grid! It must have been hit by the W32.Blaster.Worm!

    Armageddon is nigh...

  • Nosferatu

    I'm guessing it's the Y2K bug. Someone's computer clock is 3 1/2 years behind. Good time to break into a store and get that DVD player you always wanted!

  • blondie

    November 9, 1965, a major power outage hit NYC and the rest of the NE

    The Great Northeast Blackout of 1965

    On November 9, 1965, the largest blackout in history occurred. The northeast power system broke up 4 seconds after the initial disturbance, and 30 million people were without electricity for as long as 13 hours...(continued)

  • Shakita

    Here in New Jersey all of North Jersey is affected by the outage.

    Ashitaka works in North Jersey and tried to call me a few minutes ago, his or our cell was not working I am waiting patiently for another call.

    I have a relative who works in a building next to the WTC site, and comes home by bus about this time. I sure hope that he was on his way before this hit, if not, he will probably be spending the night there.

    Mrs. Shakita

  • El Kabong
    El Kabong

    All those poor people. I just hope it gets resolved quickly.

    New York and Detroit after dark with no power............

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