North-Eastern US Blackout

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  • LeslieV

    Well DRWSTN.... I am guessing that soon an episode of South Park will deal with the blackout and they will be blaming Canada!!!!


  • Valis

    Leslie is on to something...this may be just the excuse for us to invade Canada...


    District Overbeer

  • iiz2cool

    With this blackout going on, do you think the JWs will go out in service full force on Saturday saying it's another sign of the end?

    I'll keep my garden hose ready.


  • alecsandra

    And on the news this morning they said it could be something went haywire in Ohio! Who knows?

    I know I have not posted on her ein a very long time....I hope you all will welcome me though.

    I am AlecSandra (otherwise known as Sande), grew up in Toledo OH area, left the JWs in 1979.

  • wednesday

    welcome sande!

    today Fox cable has really covered this story. Not all have lights back on and they are asking those that do to conserve.They are not expecting full return o power until monday.Some subways may be working tonight. Even those who do have power are having "rolling blackouts".

  • iiz2cool

    Well, it's after 3 in the afternoon and the power FINALLY came back on! Maybe I can unplug my laptop from the truck now. But we're still expecting rolling blackouts for a couple of days.

    Getting home from work yesterday was NUTS! I walked for 3 hours - I think it's about 15 miles to get home. But there were some nice people along the way. One Starbucks opened a stand and were handing out glasses of ice water to people. One guy bought out the entire stock of a store's Freezies and started handing them out to passers-by. I did my cooking on a camp stove when I got home.

    It was all kind of fun, except for the trouble getting online.



    4:10-15 p.m. yesterday, Thursday, August 14, 2003: my power went out.

    It did not come back on until, maybe, after 3:00 a.m. - leaving my poor little girls in the dark, but they coped rather well. I usually leave a radio/one small light on, so they aren't feeling too lonely late at night while I work.

    Keep in mind, as I type, we just had another rotating black out. It lasted 60-70 minutes where I live here in east Toronto. I supermarkets (2), were closed again, because of the power outtage. They must be going crazy trying to preserve their frozen goods section/cold produce: what a sad waste .

    It's about 7:46 p.m., Friday evening, and it's hot here. It was up to +31C earlier (90F) with humidity. I have NO air conditioning, just 2 fans, and one ceiling fan. When they go out.....oh boy...what a great way to lose weight. You just sweat it all off in a matter of hours. Who needs a gym, when you can have a rotating black out.

    I went to work last night, yes, we kept the bar open despite the blackout. We were swamped!!! The place was packed, and of course, everyone wanted the 'COLDEST' beer. We had beer in our fridge in the basement, but even it started to warm up, and eventually, without a compressor, our draught beer turned into foam, foam and more foam. People asked the dumbest questions: wanting to use debit cards, credit cards, and so forth. Without ANY power, none of those worked. We had no air conditioning (doh) so it was like 40C inside the bar. We were busy right up until last call at 2:00 a.m. (EST). At 3:00 a.m. approximately, after everyone was gone: that notable hum came back, and presto! LIGHTS!!! Air Conditioning! and colder beer/draught! We treated ourselves to two pints of Lager! Mmm!

    During the night (at work) we had a few hoodlums/hooligans. But overall, the crowd were looking out for each other and us. Thankfully.

    Since there is NO subway service, I bicycled in. That's about 15-16 miles round trip (20-23kms). Great way to get in shape. I have a reflective vest for cycling, and I do use a front and back light for evening riding. The reflectors are 360 degree, so anyone can see me in the dark with car lights or flashlights.

    Cycling through downtown Toronto at about 4:30 a.m. was interesting. Some areas had their hydro electricity restored, some did not. So it was a hopscotch of lights on/lights off. Of course, the roughest part of the downtown core: Regent Park - Queen Street East (Jarvis to River) was in pitch black, and I can tell you. Whatever human creatures come out in the dark, they were out in full force. I saw outlines of people, lots of them, walking in the middle of the street, street corners, and lots of drug-related jargon. The area: Queen & Sherbourne - is not a pretty place. One of the poorest and drug riddled areas of the city. You will/can get mugged, raped and murdered there, and it has happened. So here I am on my bike, and they're saying things like: 'get m', 'here's one' I had my trusty muscular legs ready and I was ready to give them ALL a good hoof. I yelled at one crackhead, as I dogged around him/her, as they made an attempt to grab at me. Freaky! Once I got to River Street, and over the Don River, the lights were on.

    The strange thing. If you know Toronto. The city uses a wide fleet of electrically powered streetcars/trams. They were all exactly at the spots they were, when the power went out. Very eerie.

    The lights remained on, all the way to home. I managed to get home, and turn on the lights, where the two birdies: Baby & Nim, greeted me with chirps. They were fine.

    As of today, the Toronto subway/LRT/streetcar service: closed until Monday.

    CNE (Canadian National Exhibition): delayed opening until Monday.

    This Mohawk-Niagara grid, keeps coming up in on the news. The blaming game (predictable) is on full force. I tune into local Toronto AM radio, then Buffalo, NY., AM radio, and sometimes the banter is so juvenile and so pathetic. Honestly, if our power grid was not attached, we could not, as neighbouring nations: sell/buy electricity from one another. Like we'd/they'd deliberately knock out power: Puh-lease! So silly.

    These things happen. For the most part, things here, although a bit scary sometimes. Were OK. From what I heard on NEWS 680: there were only 38 serious incidents/arrests in the Greater Toronto Area. Not bad, considering the size of this city.

    Glad to hear that my American counterparts that were affected, are doing OK, and that some are now have power back. Excellent!

    Last time I heard, the cities/areas affected: New York City, New Jersey, upstate/western New York, Connecticut, parts of Pennsylvania, Cleveland-Akron, Detroit, parts of Ohio, all or most of Southern Ontario (Canada), and areas to the north, towards Timmins, and North Bay (many miles/kms. apart). I had heard from radio reports, places in other parts of the U.S. were affected as well, but probably more or less, localized.

    Quebec was fine.

    So there you have it, a short n' sweet version from Rayzorblade.

    I am writing this from home. Fans are on, and the aroma of my neighbours' barbecues is driving me crazy!! Smart thing to have a bbq during these episodes.

    Thanks to Aztec, XJW_B12 and iiz2cool, who called to check up on me.

    SheilaM: thanks for putting the word out there for me, much appreciated.

    Otherwise, all is well. I anticipate more blackouts, and of course, I'm expecting an ex-JW friend from Vancouver to be staying, so we'll see how that goes.

    Take care one and all. I'm fine!

    VALIS: Yup, "Blame Canada" - why not, the song rocks!

  • ballistic

    OK so no-one mentioned Bill Gates - are you sure he has nothing to do with this?

  • Valis

    Actually...the Ohio grid didn't disconnect from the national grid after they started having the power loss. This cascaded and whacked all kinds of Jehovahys electric I guess now we should invade Canada and Ohio..


    District Overbeer

  • Big Tex
    Big Tex

    Rayzor! I'm very glad to see you back and in one piece. Thanks for the update. Nina and I were talking last night about you and our other friends in the Great White North.

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