North-Eastern US Blackout

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  • xjw_b12

    I finally got through to our oldest daughter in T.O. She had been released from work at 8:00pm, and works in downtown Toronto. She was on Yongue street, where it was wall to wall people, and I told her to head for Union Station, as I saw on the news the GO Transit trains were running, and she lives in Missassauga, where it would be a 20 minute walk from that station to her apartment.

    She was more concerned about her cats, then herself, but it is going on 11:00 pm, and I am nervous for her, but I did tell her to turn off her cell phone, to conserve power and only use it if necessary.

    I called Rayzorblade, and had to laugh when I got his voicemail, as he's changed his greeting to say his phone is not working, because he's got one of those fancy electronic ones that require power to activate the ringer. Sometimes technology is not so great. Always good to have one of those old Bell clunkers around, that require no additional power.

    I have Scully's number, but I am hesitant to call her, without recent permission, so if any of you have talked to her, let us know. She's probably at work though.

    I don't have Mouthy's number. Anybody been able to contact her?


  • Aztec

    Hi xjw! If I get ahold of Ray I'll ask him to check in on Mouthy. I laughed at his message too. I can't get ahold of a whole bunch of people. I have friends in Cleveland and Toronto as well as Detroit. I might not have power until Sunday or Monday. Bye bye to all the food in my fridge...I might not have to work tomorrow though. I might just end up hanging out here in Flint where they do have power!

    Jourles, only 12 hours? Lucky bastard!


  • xjw_b12

    Thanks Aztec. I always get a bit more concerned about the older ones(she's going to e-slap me when she sees this) when it's hot and there is no air conditioning. Perhaps leaving outside of the greater Toronto area, she may be lucky enough to get her power turned on sooner.

    Just tried my daughter again, and still getting voice mail. And I just caught a blurb on the news that the Go trains were not running, but the Via trains were...whatever that means. I don't like this. I'm picturing her stuck at Union Station spending the night there. Of course she won't be alone, probably another 100,000 others in the same predicament.

    Yeah I'd stay in Flint. If power dowen't come on soon, the water systems will start shutting down as well.

    Take care


  • twolips

    Just like the 1965 balckout in New York, I predict a baby boom in about 9 months. Hey who was born in 1966? lol

  • Scully

    Scully checking in. Thanks everyone y'all are so sweet!!

    We lost power at home shortly after 4pm EDT. We picked up some hamburgers and hotdogs to cook on the BBQ, and then went home and filled up a bazillion containers with water, since the news reports were saying power could be out for "hours or days". I was expecting to have the night off work, however I was called at 6pm to go in for 11pm under Emergency/Disaster Measures. It was eerie driving in pitch black darkness.

    We were working on emergency power... for essential services only, so I made good use of my flashlight! We had some very generous visitors who brought in cold drinks and ice cream sandwiches for the nurses.

    One of the "fringe benefits" of having total darkness in the city was that we had an absolutely AWESOME view of Mars, unhindered by city "light pollution".

    Supplies of ice were brought in and we quickly went around making sure our patients and their partners had some ice water at the bedside. Shortly thereafter, we heard news reports that power was slowly being restored in one part of the city after another. Including my neighbourhood. Woohoo I get to sleep with the air conditioner on when I get home!! About 30 minutes ago, the power went back on throughout the hospital. Life is slowly getting back to normal. Whatever that is.

    Thanks again for worrying about us. It never ceases to amaze me what a wonderfully caring and compassionate community we have here.

    Love, Scully

  • Aztec

    Scully, glad things are going back to normal for you! Too bad Detroit's going to be dark for possible days. I really don't enjoy staying with my parents but I'd be sitting in a dark apartment, with no running water, watching my groceries spoil otherwise. There are so many people I haven't been able to reach and it makes me nervous. I can't get ahold of alot of my good friends and family members. The latest news I heard is that the less populated areas are going to get power back first which, of course, puts Detroit at the bottom of the list. I'm just trying to fathom what a few days without power will mean economically for metro Detroit. Not a pretty picture! Windsor has power back and they showed these strange live pictures of Detroit compared to Windsor. It's too weird! Windsor looks like a huge metro area compared to Detroit...LOL! Oh well....


  • onacruse

    ((bear-hugs to all of our many NE friends))

    Craig & Kate

  • reporter

    Southern Ontario back on line here at 2:30 AM...10 hours without power, but all frozen goods are still safe thank goodness...

    It's still spotty though, one grid at a time...

  • iiz2cool

    Are you sure the Legislative building at Queens Park was on fire? I work there and didn't notice anything. Maybe it happened after I left at 4:30.

    It's Friday morning and still no power here. I'm running my computer off my truck battery.


  • drwtsn32
    I'm running my computer off my truck battery.

    <<< insert redneck joke here >>>

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