Be Couragous! - (Like The Governing Body?)

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  • pale.emperor

    So according to what has been posted in the OP, one can only be courageous if he faces a reporter, agrees to a false summons (Losch was correct in refusing to appear on behalf of “Watchtower” — the court should have done its homework an actually found out his actual role), or answer questions he doesn’t know the answer to?

    No, not at all. But it was a perfect opportunity for him to "be courageous" just like they're imploring young ones to do. If someone doesn't know the answers, all they have to do is say "i dont know". Running away from a simple question isn't my definition of "being courageous".

    Enlighten me, what exactly is Gerrit Losch's role?

  • humbled
    Remember what I told you: ‘A servant is not greater than his master.’[a] If they persecuted me, they will persecute you also.—John 15:20
    • Lead by example
  • carla

    The gb wouldn't know courage if it bit them in the ass.

    If one of them had real courage, or any elder for that matter, they would have the courage to stand up and talk about all the hidden pedophiles, false doctrines, the families ripped apart by the org not to mention all the deaths directly associated with their ungodly blood policy.

    The people here on this board and those like it, so called apostates, who have taken the time to 'make sure of all things' by researching the wt and leaving the cult even though they would suffer severe consequences have more courage than any of the men in authority of the wt.

  • Sour Grapes
    Sour Grapes

    The delusional Gibbering Booty are afraid of their own shadows. I think the Jewish desert god could have hand picked better men.

  • Diogenesister
    Doubter Let’s forget the GB before becoming the GB were in the trenches just like ordinary rank and file members (in fact, the GB is pulled from the rank and file)

    Doubter Yes and no. Remember they have accepted the role and responsibility of elder, CO, GB helper etc. At any point as they rose through the ranks during their career they could have 'refused the added responsibility and privileges , remember, that come with it. They also claim to be "anointed"....hence more enabled to defend their faith than the R & F, didn't Paul say Jehovah will give them the words in that very moment "should they be called in front of Kings and governors"???

    A General was just a soldier once, does that excuse his responsibility for his Troops??

    A president was just a private citizen once....I could go on.

  • Anders Andersen
    Anders Andersen
    Their jobs are to establish and defend doctrine

    I always thought that was Jesus' job. Guess he was replaced then....

  • Anders Andersen
    Anders Andersen


        You may have something of a point when saying that it isn't fair to narrow down the definition of courage down to the examples discussed, and that the GB once had the opportunity to show courage in their lives as lowly publishers.

          However, you're wrong on a couple of things:

            It is their job to boldly proclaim the good news before judges and magistrates. Of all JW, especially the GB are to do this. The 'other sheep' are merely playing a supporting role in the preaching work, for the preaching work is actually a task for the anointed (such as the GB). The GB also claim to be 'ambassadors' for Jesus and the Kingdom. Ambassadors of all people should be willing to proudly represent their government.

              Public Relations deal with media, lawyers deals with legal matters, the GB deals with doctrine.

                Nowhere does the Bible indicate that God's people should be structured exactly like an American commercial enterprise. It doesn't appear the apostles had divided tasks like speaking to rulers, judges or inquiring members of the public. All of them did all of that. And since the GB sign off on (and therefore bear responsibility for) any and all doctrine, publication and policy, they of all people should be willing to stand up for what they signed off on, regardless of the legal entities they have cooked up. Legally the GB may not be in charge of Watchtower, morally they claim to be appointed and in charge of anything and everything Jesus uses for the Earthly part of his Kingdom. According to JW that includes Watchtower. Saying otherwise is abusing legal technicalities to get out of something that is a moral responsibility.

                Why are the GB not talking to reporters, etc? It’s not their jobs. Their jobs are to establish and defend doctrine.

                    'It is not my job' is quite a lame excuse. Sure, we can accept that when a request for a interview comes in that the PR dept. would handle that (strange thought....aren't all JW part of the PR dept. by definition?). But when approached in person, why not stay and proudly present the Kingdom and defend it's divine rules and policies? Can you imagine Paul or Peter running away when a reporter starting asking the hard questions? Lol

                    Courageous people don't hide behind 'not my job'.

                    That guy that courageously saved people from a house fire? He was just passing by; he's not a firefighter. It's not his job.

                    That woman that saved a drowning person? She's not with the coast guard; it's not her job.

                    We call these people courageous in part because they acted on something that's not their job.

                        If a lack of overlap implies “cowardice” then every organization on the planet is full of “cowards”.

                        Most organizations don't go and tell all their employees they must be courageous and willing to defend the organization everywhere they go. Can you imagine Coca Cola telling their employees' children they should courageously speak up when they see someone in school drinking Pepsi, saying Coca Cola is the only true cola? :-D And then when the CEO of Coca Cola is called into an Royal Commission hearing and is asked whether Coca Cola is the one true cola, he fumbles around "it would seem quite presumptuous to say that Coca Cola is the one true cola....."

                        The examples Pale Emperor listed are great examples of how the GB do not show courage when the opportunity arises. They act exactly as one would expect from corporate directors, not as one would expect from spirit-directed, Jesus-backed leaders of God's people.

                    • Diogenesister
                      Anders Sure, we can accept that when a request for a interview comes in that the PR dept. would handle that (strange thought....aren't all JW part of the PR dept. by definition?).

                      Advertise, Advertise, Advertise!

                    • slimboyfat

                      And Jaracz refusing to speak to the BBC.

                    • Finkelstein

                      You mean be courageous at being a lying corrupt dishonest crook like the GB members ?

                      But what did Jesus say about false Prophets/profits ?

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