Be Couragous! - (Like The Governing Body?)

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  • Tallon

    Great discussion, PE.

    Certain members of the GB have shown their true colours when it came to standing up for their faith - cowards.

  • Diogenesister

    Brilliant post Pale.Emperor !!!

    Drearyweather John 8:59: At this, they picked up stones to stone him, but Jesus hid himself, slipping away from the temple grounds.

    But no one was expecting Gerrit Losche to put his life on the line, simply comply with the subpoena and "boldly proclaim" his jw beliefs in the same way they expect even young SCHOOLKIDS to do!!

    Bildad It appeared like the point hit him hard, he had never thought about that. I give him credit for having a conscience. I didn't see that same attitude with the higher ups at all.

    Agree That was Elder Kevin Blowditch. He was heavily criticized for the part he played in the CSA case he did not report to authorities, rightly so.

    But I too saw that spark of conscience and watched how the doors of perception in his mind opened between the compartmentalized ideas he once held : that "worldly" children and jw children are all children that deserve our care and protection from predators.

    I wondered if it might lead to his exit. Sadly he remains a jw.

  • TheWonderofYou

    Followers of Apostle Peter, the coward. "No no no ...I don't belong to them", exemplary Christian coward for all GB members. Even Peter was weak. Has this example of non - couragousness not been mentioned at the convention at all? if yet GB is imitating him.

  • ToesUp

    Great post PE!

    After watching Lloyd's video, my spouse and I were just talking about this very thing. These GB members are cowards! Maybe one day they will have to feel the very pain of spending some time in prison. So many brothers and sisters have suffered due to WT's policies. Karma is coming for them!!!

    It seems WT's yearly text should say..."do as we say, not as we do."

    They also want to squelch any rank and files ability to better themselves with higher education or enjoy something they are good at (like music, sports, etc.) WT doesn't have any problem capitalizing off of others higher education or something WT can benefit off of for free. i.e. Lawyers, doctors, musicians, engineers, etc. The list could go on and on!!! Hypocrisy to the moon and back!!!!

  • Doubter

    You all know Lloyd is going narrow the definition of courage to what explicitly excludes anything the GB does so to make whatever point he wants to make. In other words, he’s going to cherry pick.

    So according to what has been posted in the OP, one can only be courageous if he faces a reporter, agrees to a false summons (Losch was correct in refusing to appear on behalf of “Watchtower” — the court should have done its homework an actually found out his actual role), or answer questions he doesn’t know the answer to?

    Let’s forget the GB before becoming the GB were in the trenches just like ordinary rank and file members (in fact, the GB is pulled from the rank and file).

  • Doubter

    What Lloyd is claiming is the same as saying a 5-Star army general is not “courageous” because he’s not down on the front lines, dodging bullets, with his troops. His job is to command the army, not to be on the front lines.

    Why are the GB not talking to reporters, etc? It’s not their jobs. Their jobs are to establish and defend doctrine.

    This sort of stuff is why I’ve long regarded Lloyd as nothing more than a clever deciver.

  • steve2

    Doubter, the GB could not have provided a more succinct defense of their tendency to run and hide. Well done!

  • Doubter

    This is more about people gushing over a perceived “gotcha” without employing a shred of critical thought.

    Public Relations deal with media, lawyers deals with legal matters, the GB deals with doctrine.

    If a lack of overlap implies “cowardice” then every organization on the planet is full of “cowards”.


  • zboubiz

    Doubter, what about 1 Peter 3:15 then ?

    If they are not able to answer questions politely and respectfully even without overlapping (even though they love overlapping stuff, right ahah), then what king of Christians are they ?

    As anointed christians, they are supposed to be the leaders in the preaching activity. They are supposed to fight the fight more than anyone, contrary to the army general you’re talking about.

  • Doubter
    You can argue with yourself. Clearly, you understood me, but if not, then too bad.

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