Be Couragous! - (Like The Governing Body?)

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  • Drearyweather
    Spin it as you like Drearyweather but Gerrit Losch is a LIAR.

    But it couldn't be proved in the court.

    Following were the observations of the Court of Appeal, California:

    On the factual record before us, we determine Lopez did not satisfy his minimal burden to present evidence showing Lösch fell within the statutory “managing agent” category.

    Lopez proffered no facts to indicate that Lösch receives compensation or other tangible benefits from Watchtower or that Governing Body members had previously complied with such deposition directives.

    Likewise, there was no evidence concerning the Governing Body's status as a separate legal entity or as an affiliate of Watchtower.

    Without evidence from which a reasonable inference can be drawn that Watchtower had some legal or practical ability to influence Lösch's decision to attend the deposition, there is no basis to conclude Lösch could be expected to comply with Watchtower's directives to appear.

    there was insufficient evidence to support a determination that Lösch was Watchtower's “managing agent” for purposes of compelling his deposition and granting sanctions for his nonappearance.

    Because a party may be subject to severe sanctions if a party-affiliate does not attend a deposition, there must be at least some minimal showing that the party has the ability to induce the deponent to attend the scheduled deposition.

    (Pages 47-50)

  • sparky1

    9. "Watchtower......,....never has had, any authority over me." - Gerrit Losch

    "Gerrit Losch is a LIAR." - Sparky1

    "But it couldn't be proved in the court." - Drearyweather

    I am not questioning the conclusions and decisions of the court in regards to Gerrit Losch's CURRENT relationship with Watchtower. Because of the way that the ecclesiastical branch and legal corporations of Jehovah's Witnesses are now structured, he can claim that Watchtower has no authority over him and that would be the truth. Prior to the publication of the article, "A Governing Body as Different from a Legal Corporation" in the December 15, 1971 Watchtower magazine he was under the authority of Watchtower and it's legal corporations. Please don't rehash the court case to say that you disagree with me. I am only calling this one statement that Losch made a lie because the history of the structure of the Jehovah's Witness religion proves his statement to be a lie. Nothing more, nothing less. A lie is still a lie even if it can't be decided as such by a court of law. And I agree whole heartedly with the OP. Gerrit Losch and other members of the Governing Body do not seem to be showing much courage in defense of their faith.

  • Vidiot

    What sparky said.

    Seeing and hearing a GB member lie (or tell the truth in a way that misleads) has just as much value as being caught lying in a court of law, IMO.

  • OrphanCrow
    Sparky: he can claim that Watchtower has no authority over him


    That's cause he views himself as having authority over the Watchtower

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