Gerrit Lösch gives a special talk the Norval Assembly Hall in Georgetown Canada

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  • gone for good
    gone for good

    The Georgetown Assý Hall @ Norval has been peddling the same stupid shit for 40 years!

    Way back then, I attended a special talk some time after Peter Gzowski had hosted a fascinating radio interview explaining the creation of a wonderful new invention - the World Wide Web !

    Peters guest explained how this originally military technology was being commandeered by the world civilian citizens to link together PCs everywhere into a global communications network. I had never heard of this and it was news to CBC host Peter Gsowski likewise - it was stunning to listen to the wonders this new tech woul bring to people everywhere. I stopped working and sat on the floor to listen...WOW

    Sometime later, at a convention at Georgetown a young couple was paraded out and announced how they had given up their careers in computer -tech to pioneer! I still remember the sickening feeling that these deluded young folks were making a huge mistake.

    I never agreed with the WT stance against higher education - it amounted to conning young people into throwing their "pearls"(youth, education,aspirations) before "swine"( a greedy, lying cult leadership).

    I´ve thought about that couple all these years and wished I had the knowledge and opportunity they threw away at the assembly hall...

  • Boredposter

    This talk could have been given twenty or thirty years ago. Can anyone really say Jehovah's Witnesses have changed? Any changes they have made are simply window dressing.

    Yes, give up a good paying job which will help you have a happy, stable family. Take it from me, work in construction, wear your body out, enjoy expensive crappy health insurance. Fight with your spouse about money and be stressed out all the time. Pile up huge medical bills because of your child's health problems. Trust me, Jehovah will take care of it. If you disagree, YOU are the problem!

  • Finkelstein

    This talk could have been given twenty or thirty years ago.

    True Bored Poster, it is very similar of the talks we used to hear in the 60's and 70's and most likely even before.

    The ideology is that pioneering full time is much more valuable personal effort than seeking a good living and security through secular work.

    Well this system of things isn't going to last long anyways so said the WTS.

    The WTS played it as being truly righteous, faithfully loyal and in great appeasement to Jah, which to those who participate will be rewarded. ( they wont be killed at Armageddon and will live in paradise ).

    The WTS. twisted and manipulated people's minds as an endeavor to make them their own public sales representatives .

    The Watchtower Corporation eventually just turned itself into a corrupt exploitative religious publishing house propagating a tainted commercialized Gospel.

  • NewYork44M
    "Although George's depression did not disappear and he is still on medication, the bullet's action has enabled him to resume a normal life and go on to college." (Washington Post). New York Times article even relates that he is "now a straight-A college student". How ironic is that? Losch chooses to "skim read" the story - failing to fact check the slightest details - and shoots himself in the foot. Losch has actually quoted about this failed suicide to CONDEMN education...failing to be aware that the REAL person actually ends up in HIGHER EDUCATION.

    Good point.

  • sir82

    Counselor: ''You will probably get into these schools at almost no cost because of your 4.0 average and high A.C.T. scores and have a good career the rest of your life.These are great schools and will prepare you to land a good job.''

    Sister: ''This world is passing by and may not be here any longer. I decided to enter the ministry work and Jehovah God will provide for me in the future."

    Why would someone - who has absolutely no intention of setting one foot even near a university - prepare for, pay for, and take the ACT?

    Do they really think that having a teenager tell a guidance counselor that "Jehovah will provide for me" is a reasonable thing to do?

    These clowns are getting even more delusional.

  • gma-tired2

    Rules and Regulations. This sounds so much like a conversation I had with my high school counsler only the year was 1963. Guess what I didn't know the last days were being postponed and I really needed that higher education. I am now 70 and I see how silly I sounded.

  • Finkelstein

    What is notably fascinating in that when we were JWS we clearly believed the WTS had the right interpretation of the bible, in that since 1914 we were living inside " This Generation ",

    Yet well over a billion other people who were practicing Christians from various different faiths hadn't this vital information, that since Jehovah only chosen the WTS/JWS, all other Christian based faiths were not in the know or the Truth as it may be.

    The WTS literally pulled the wool over people's eyes and exploited their ignorance, as well imposed a propagation of fear all inherently to advance the proliferation of the WTS's own literature.

    Religious Charlatanism done right

  • steve2

    A speaker who quotes 30-year-old source material as "new" is either lazy-minded (trots out the same talk year-after-year) or lacking in critical thinking skills (does he not think listeners will check out his sources?) or intellectually dishonest (he knows the survey is from the late 1980s) or all three.

    Given that he is a member of the GB, it is safe to assume he is all three.

  • Finkelstein

    Good point Steve2,
    it appears the higher up in position of power such as the GB members within the organization the more identified and corrupt they are.

    The leaders of the WTS/JWS are at the top structure of the pyramid of power so their actions ( professed teachings) create the most reaction all throughout the entire organization.

    Their long standing bullshitting and and carefully chosen selective information is to support the continuing operation of the organization , which in reality is supporting themselves both in power and money. $$$

  • sparky1

    'Higher education is like putting a gun to your head............unless of course we can use you and your 'worldly' qualifications for a mere monthly Bethel allowance.'!

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