Gerrit Lösch gives a special talk the Norval Assembly Hall in Georgetown Canada

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  • wannaexit
    The first part was all about the the evils of higher education. I couldn't stand it and left. Was anybody there today?
  • Finkelstein

    As its noted the leaders of the WTS are self serving lying assholes who don't care about humanity in general but care about their sustaining position in the Watchtower Corporation in its engaging power and money

    These leaders have down playing and demeaning higher education for decades now ..... why ?

    Because they know and aware that education or information not in their direct control makes bible scripture redundantly ignorant and has the potential to cause people to think critically in a balanced and honest way.

    In other words dont believe in the bible and their power and control quickly evaporates.

  • jp1692

    So an uneducated person rails against education. What a surprise!

    Sour grapes from jealous losers that are afraid of anyone having greater accomplishments than they.


    Wannaexit : Hope you and your family are doing well!

    The last assembly I attended was about 8 years ago. My female cousin had a part with another sister on the dangers of higher education. Hearing this made me think on what I heard on the podium and what I wrote on here:

    There were 2 sisters who got up and had a dramatization about a sister not wanting to go to College. I will paraphrase as best as I can.


    There were 2 sisters who got up and had a dramatization about a sister not wanting to go to College. I will paraphrase as best as I can.

    High School Counselor: ''Have a seat Karen and I will show you all the College applications I have for you.''

    Sister: ''Thank you for all the work you have done.''

    Counselor: '' I have an application from Harvard,one from Michigan University,and a couple from the East Coast.''

    Sister: '' I have done alot of thinking and decided not to go to any College."

    Counselor: ''Karen,you have a 4.0 grade average and scored very high on the A.C.T. and you would have no problem getting into any of these schools."

    Sister: '' As you know,I'm a Jehovah's Witness and we believe that we are near the ''end times.'' I decided that I will go into the preaching work part time and maybe go to a 2 year school."

    Counselor: ''You will probably get into these schools at almost no cost because of your 4.0 average and high A.C.T. scores and have a good career the rest of your life.These are great schools and will prepare you to land a good job.''

    Sister: ''This world is passing by and may not be here any longer. I decided to enter the ministry work and Jehovah God will provide for me in the future."

    Everyone applauded except me. That was really sad to see!

  • LongHairGal


    Sour grapes is right...It has always been my guess that the reason the religion criticizes college is because they were made to look stupid by educated people.

    They would rather see the rank & file starve to death doing meager work rather than see them educated.


    That skit about passing up the college education (and the good career) would have made me sick too. In real life, most JWs who made this mistake have lived to regret it - especially when they approach retirement age. I have met a few of these people and they resent me a little because I did not do what they did.

  • zeb

    R & R.. yes we have all heard it before. Jehovah God will provide for me in the future." perhaps in the form of mum and dad.

    They will pioneer until... they get an attack of the hots for some gormless young brother and the breeding desire kicks in and they then have no income, no house and not a clue how to go about having a relationship.

    Utterly tragic.

    and my applause to any young people who say F*** off to pioneering until they have their occupation, schooling sorted out.

    Any time I have heard any young person come out with that and that "Jehovah is my best friend" I cringe.. I have seen 6 mos later where their life goes on the skids..and the all loving wts that was happy to use them is ever more quicker to announce that they have been dfd.

    and what happens to education then? See the above. It is just so tragic.

  • asp59

    Are there any young witnesses that don't seek higher education this days? The only one I know that don't is cause they don't like to study. Why are they always bringing up subject that are not relevant anymore.

  • zeb

    Loesch.. wasn't he the guy who said wt had no influence on him?

  • Finkelstein

    This is the same guy who said a couple of years a go that pursuing higher education is like putting a gun to your head and playing Russia roulette.

    He's just a fear mongering asshole who's positioned in the WTS to expel fear ie. " the end is near " to control people, particularly the young and impressionable to the WTS advantage.

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