Gerrit Lösch gives a special talk the Norval Assembly Hall in Georgetown Canada

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  • Finkelstein

    Losch is just a propagandist/ corrupt liar for the WTS.

    The WTS has had a long history of lying and manipulating facts to support itself and their self empowered paid for leaders.

  • Finkelstein

    Lloyd Evens has something to say about Losch's talk and his fear inducing analogy of putting a gun to your head.

    Like other leaders of the WTS they are lying corrupt charlatans who put out information to support the continuing distribution of the WTS's literature.

    Armageddon soon propagation by the WTS leaders has gone on now for over century and this organization has proven clearly that fear and ignorance can successfully control people thoughts and behavior by the use of self supporting devious propaganda.

  • truthlover123

    actually he said the guy shot himself in the hear to get away from OCD and upon coming to, apparently he hit the brain where the ocd occurred and was cured -- laughed as did most of the attendees. That was so inappropriate,, this guy was in a sad emotional state enough to try and kill himself and this was the best Loesch could do. He did not say "unfortunately one individual sadly tried to take his life" he just went into the story without one bit of remorse for the guy.

    Showed video of fires and floods in BC quoted Gal 6 Do what is fine- mentioned how NB is dealing with floods

    And 1 John 4:16-18 God is love and how much he loves children - no mention of abuses -- and how love transcends - I guess that was for the victims

    Re education example of Luke the physician how he did not encourage education but became a disciple, same as Paul and that college fosters spirit of independence-- (does that mean thinking ability)

    Hit on marrying out of truth as well

    The towards the end of the talk he mentioned something which seemed to me to be out of context that we should pray hard to Jehovah and not commit suicide.. QUESTION---are there problems they are covering up with this statement...

    Porn, education, bad association, neighbours, workmates, it was all on the table, nothing new...

    1408 cong in Canada 115,937 pubs memorial 183048

    Money on the agenda, Either by cash, cheque to Watchtower Society or atm/debit card, credit card

  • Finkelstein

    When Losch starts speaking about the lure and pursuit of money he positions himself in a frame of hypocrisy for he is doing what he does to create money for the WTS , the Corporation that pays from him to travel around the world as a fear mongering Charlatan for the Watchtower Corporation.

  • hoser

    This guy is an ignorant piece of shit.

    I had an uncle with severe OCD. It is a genetic condition just like any other hereditary disease. My uncle was obsessed with numbers. He had to have the same house number as his phone number and his liscence plate had to have a similar number as the rest He couldn’t take it anymore so he hanged himself. Our family didn’t laugh about it.

    The governing body are so out of touch it isn’t even funny. What an incompetent moron

  • Wild_Thing

    The statistics he used in that talk were used in a 1988 awake where they quoted from a 1988 New York Times article.


    Every person that has heard Losch spout his "statistics" needs to understand where and when these statistics were compiled. The survey he quotes is from 30 years ago. The same survey also showed that there was also a rise in freshmen who supported laws against homosexuality (53%), and a decline of support for legalization of marijuana ... clearly showing what different time period it is from. Link:

    Besides the fact that there is absolutely nothing wrong with hoping to make more money after graduating college, these statistics are grossly out of date. The survey was directed by Dr. Alexander W. Astin for the Higher Education Research Institute at the University of California at Los Angeles.

    The key word here is "annual". They conduct the exact same survey every year. It would be very easy for them to use more current data. The funny thing is that the question about money being a motivating factor is up to 72.6%, but it is not the most motivating factor. Here is the most current freshman survey for anyone interested. It is from 2016:

    I haven't found the table for the 1988 data, but here is the table from 2016, so you can see how the question was asked and results tabulated. The first screen shot is of the actual question that is asked of freshmen. The second screenshot is of the results for 2016.

  • Finkelstein

    The other point of hypocrisy by religious leaders like the WTS (GB) is these men will one day be pushed into hospital eventually where most people there spent years in college or university to study health and medicine professionally endeavored to save their lives and be paid to do so by the Watchtower Corporation's money . $$$

  • Wild_Thing

    I did a little bit more digging. Guess where the story about the suicide attempt came from? A New York Times article from 1988! These guys really need to broaden their reading material.

  • Finkelstein

    He had to have the same house number as his phone number and his license plate had to have a similar number as the rest He couldn’t take it anymore so he hanged himself. Our family didn’t laugh about it.

    Losch's analogy of guy putting gun to head is wrought with corrupt and ignorant apathy.

    What is most shocking is that audience laughed it off as something quite humorous , which tells of the kind of apathy grown and nourished toward people who are not Jehovah's Witnesses ( Worldly People )

  • Brokeback Watchtower
    Brokeback Watchtower

    He lobotomized himself. Gerrit L. sounds like he may have been Lobotomized. He seems quite a bit emotionally blunted, which make it easy for him to give this ridiculous talk and latter claim that he is not affiliated with the WT corporation or its policies in a signed affidavit to the courts that served him a subpoena. He definitely don't seem very self aware and super restricted in his intellectual range. Or perhaps his complete idiocy is due to severe brain shrinkage which comes from the job he's got as being a religious fundamentalist cult leader and he never had a lobotomy it's just his brain shrunk so god dam much.

    Lobotomy is a neurosurgical procedure and form of psychosurgery. It consists of cutting or scraping away most of the connections to and from the prefrontal cortex, the anterior part of the frontal lobes of the brain. It was used for psychiatric and occasionally other conditions as a mainstream procedure in some Western countries for more than two decades. This was despite general recognition of frequent and serious side effects. While some people experienced symptomatic improvement with the operation, the improvements were achieved at the cost of creating other impairments. The procedure was controversial from its initial use in part due to the balance between benefits and risks.

    The purpose of the operation was to reduce the symptoms of mental disorder, and it was recognized that this was accomplished at the expense of a person's personality and intellect. British psychiatrist Maurice Partridge, who conducted a follow-up study of 300 patients, said that the treatment achieved its effects by "reducing the complexity of psychic life". Following the operation, spontaneity, responsiveness, self-awareness and self-control were reduced. Activity was replaced by inertia, and people were left emotionally blunted and restricted in their intellectual range

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