What was your biggest pet peeve at the Kingdom Hall ???

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  • wednesday

    I agree with all the points so far. One i also noticed at KH builds, SICK PEOPLE showing up to work. Why did these people not get a clue and stay home. One sister allowed her kids up on the roof, and one fell off. another had an asthma attack. Instead of wondering about her parenting skills, she was a hero, look how holy her kids /her were, working with asthma, and around insulation and noxious ordors? truly dedicated people(not)


  • Swan

    They always scrimped on the heating. My legs and feet were freezing by the end of a meeting even though I was in a room with 100 people for two hours! Cement floors covered by commercial carpeting just sucked the warmth right out of your lower extremeties!


  • Gadget

    At the quickbuild for uor new hall the elders could always find my phone number when they were short of labourers for the initial works, but never when I wanted them to phone me to give me some help....

    And on the actual build I was wearing distinctive clothing, I wore a big set of floppy ears on my hard hat, the sort that motorbikers wear on their helmets. I was on loads of photo's with people because of them. I was df'd before the dedication talk, and mysteriously all the photo's of me there disappeared from the display.


  • czarofmischief

    The complete zombie state I would sink into - it was like my brain was suffocating! Eventually I began having actual physical reactions to going to the KH.

    I also resented the fact that we had to dedicate two evenings and the entire weekend to this nonsense. Even AA doesn't require that many meetings! And they have the courtesy to keep it short!

    My feeling was that if we were going to meet three times a week, it should be for fifteen minutes followed by a hoe-down. And only once a week should be mandatory!

    I couldn't do theater because I was trying to be good and schedule my hobby around my religious schedule. Putting spiritual things first! HA!


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