What was your biggest pet peeve at the Kingdom Hall ???

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  • tinkerbell82
    Their vacuum system. It was a wall unit and it sucked!

    shoot, we had those little ten dollar push vacs that didnt even plug in, just sort of collected all the dirst on a velcro-esque belt :P seriously, why are the KHs always so damn UGLY? we get it, youre not going to drain your miniscule funds (whatever) to build a gorgeous church. but at LEAST dont go out of your way to make it hideous! ours had three walls that consisted of that fake rock like the Brady Bunch house had, and the carpets were bright rusty orange, the chairs were that awful camoflauge green and SO uncomfortable, and dont even get me started on the bathroom. having said that, my pet peeve would have to be the fact that every talk sounded exactly the same - boring and useless.

  • drwtsn32

    lol.. our hall actually looked nice, but it was built recently. I can't believe you had orange carpet and green chairs!! Gag!!

    ... every talk sounded exactly the same - boring and useless

    But you said you liked my talks!!

  • unique1

    2 hour long boring meetings about the same stuff over and over.

    Those really happy people that try to catch me before I sneak out the back and hug me. Then they proceed to talk to me like we are best friends and I don't even really like them.

  • tinkerbell82
    I can't believe you had orange carpet and green chairs!! Gag!!

    hehe...what's sad is that was actually our rebuilt congregation. previous to the rebuild we had mauve carpets and pink chairs. much nicer to my eye. guess they had a sale on at the 'building supplies no one in their right mind would buy' store :p

    of COURSE i liked your talks dr, but naturally since they were so above and beyond the quality of that other slag, i wouldnt deign to put them in the same category. ;)

  • drwtsn32

    Yeah, I have to agree that my biggest annoyance was the constant repetition. "Oh, but hearing the same reminders from Jah helps it sink down into our hearts!" No, it's called brainwashing! Hear the same thing over and over again without being allowed to consider an opposing viewpoint and you will soon never question it.

    Could you imagine repeating the 3rd grade over and over? Always hearing the same things? That's exactly what the KH is like. And it's about at that grade level.

  • drwtsn32
    of COURSE i liked your talks dr

    lol... well thank you! But you should put them in the same category! Most of my talks ended the same way... "blah blah obey the WTS Jehovah and you'll get your blah blah reward in the new system." lol

    I hated talks; I dropped out of the school a few years before I left the org. When they asked me to be a ministerial servant (this was before I dropped out of the TMS), the first thing out of my mouth was: I don't like giving talks.. don't assign me a public talk!

  • lisavegas420

    My biggest pet peeve would have to be

    The people that came to the meetings sick.....

    With the nose-blowing, and hacking...and picking...



  • tinkerbell82

    hehe, dr, you think that's bad...i tired to just cut and paste the link to this post i made about my first talk from way back when, but it didnt work, so here's the whole story in all of its glory:

    oh i hated hated HATED giving talks!! i would nearly always throw up on talk day before meetings! my parents enlisted me in the TMS when i was four (a little ambitious, yeah?) and i CLEARLY remember my first experience as a householder. My mom says i was a big ham as a kid and VERY dramatic, and the sister giving the talk with me (i'll call her lisa, i can't remember her name really) kept cracking up at me when we were practicing. we practiced that thing for EVER. I cant remember exactly what the theme was, but in the beginning Lisa would ask me, 'Now, Brooke, do you know who Moses is?' and i was supposed to say, 'oh, yes, wasnt he the one who freed the slaves from egypt?' But i was all into it and trying to be a little actress so it came out more like 'oh YES, WASNT HE the ONE who FREED the SLAVES from EGYPT?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?'. then the rest of the talk was something about how we today can really learn from Moses' example because blah blah blah, and then at the very end Lisa would say, '...and Moses - now, you remember Moses, don't you?' and i was just supposed to say yeah, and that was pretty much it.

    SADLY, on talk day we were both a little nervous, and right before we went on stage, Lisa told me 'OK, brooke, now dont make me laugh or we'll blow it.' But i didnt know what 'blow it' meant. That threw me off, and i kept thinkign about it, what could it possible be, i thought it certainly had to do with blowing up a balloon or a whale's blow hole but i couldnt fathom how either one would tie into our talk. Anyway, ti was all going very well, and then we got to the last part, lisa said, 'now, you remember Moses, dont you Brooke?' But i got confused, and i said my favorite line again, 'OH YES, WASNT HE the ONE who FREEEEEED the SLAVES from EGYPT??????!!!!!!!!!!!!!'

    DEAD silence for like ten seconds. The Lisa LOST it. she explodes out laughing! i was horrified - i leaned over to her (and the mic, apparently) and said 'Lisa, dont laugh, i think youre blowing it!!' at which EVERYONE erupts into laughter, and i apparently start cracking up and slapping my knee which just sets everyone off even more, and we had to be ESCORTED off stage. needless to say i didnt give another talk for quite some time after that I think maybe I was THEIR pet peeve at the KH!! :p

  • Nosferatu

    I hated the parent dragging his/her child into the washroom, and the child yelling "Don't spank me!". Then the echo of the child crying in the washroom.

    I hated the yearly text. Every year is was crap. Remember those verses in the bible that only contained a dash "-"? Why couldn't they use that for the yearly text?

    I hated the broken chairs I fell through occationally. Hmm, where'd the screws go?

    The rich elders that would put $100 bills in the contribution boxes, but if you did some kind of back braking labour for them, you only recieved a $5 bill.

  • rocketman

    Being there.

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