What was your biggest pet peeve at the Kingdom Hall ???

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  • rocketman
    All that was missing were the chickens


  • rocketman
    And it's about at that grade level.

    But with advancing light and continued guidance by Jehovah, they may eventually bring it all up to the 4th grade level.

  • rocketman
    The people that came to the meetings sick.....

    Yep, and they're the ones who of course declare: "I never miss meetings!" We had a sister like that. Got everyone around her sick, but hey, by gosh, she was there!

  • drwtsn32

    LOL Tink! Hilarious story!!! I would have loved to see that.

    I totally understand about talks making you sick. I would literally get sick the moment I found out I was scheduled for a talk. The relief I felt after I finished my talk was so fabulous! But it was short-lived... for only a month down the road I'd have to go through it again.

    Yes, I know it's psychological, but it was still something I couldn't really get over. I gave talks for over 15 years and it never improved. So I just quit.

  • Euphemism

    LOL @ Brooke's story!

    "blah blah obey the WTS Jehovah and you'll get your blah blah reward in the new system." lol

    Sorry, Doc, but I had a real pet peeve about people who always ended their talks like that.

    (P.S. Love your avatar, Tink!)

  • Frannie Banannie
    Frannie Banannie

    Havin' ta sit still for so long, while the peeps on the platform regurgitated and chewed their scriptural cud over an' over again.....it was specially hell on kiddos....I can remember when my youngest was 2 yrs old....I was holdin him on my lap facing fwd....he began kicking the back of the chair in front of us, so I turned him sideways where he couldn't....he looked up at me and in a stage whisper, said "I wanna drink of water"....I told him no, but after several repeats began to thwack him on the leg.....there was an elder and his whole fam seated behind us and I was tryin to be a good lil witless at the time, not havin gotten my craw full yet......anyway....my youngest was undeterred...no tears....just kept right on askin and gittin thwacked on the leg....of course, the decibels of the requests and resulting thwacks kept escalating point by point.....finally my son had enuff....he slinked his right arm up around my neck and looked me in the eye and said..."HEY, BABY! I SAID I want a DRINK OF WATER!"....wiped out the whole row behind me....I picked him up and took him to the water fountain, needless to say....

    Frannie B

  • drwtsn32
    but I had a real pet peeve about people who always ended their talks like that.

    Yeah, me too.. but I was simply a drone and couldn't think for myself.

  • Bendrr

    Aside from the cliques, the gossip, the politics, and the general low morale and lack of love? I'd have to say it was the dedication of the new KH we built in Perry back in the 80's. Out of the three teenage elders' sons in that congregation, I was the only one who actually worked on that project. Every weekend and quite a few nights after school. My best friend who was not an elder's kid stuck with me and busted his ass too. Which didn't do any good for either of us either. He was black and I was white, so some didn't care for that factor. And we had this irritating habit of cutting up and enjoying our work, no matter how shitty the assignment, which irritated the powers-that-be to no end. They gave us the bottom end of the shit-work and we still managed to do the job well and have a good time.

    When the dedication was held, they had this slide show of the construction. The other elders' kids got plenty of face time in the slide shows and got complimented heavily for all their hard work. WTF?!!! They never so much as lifted a finger to help the whole damn time!!! I and my friend never got one mention. The jerk of an elder giving the dedication talk even mentioned "young people" from OTHER congregations, but not us.

    Not too long thereafter, in one of my regular elders' meetings, I got my say on it though. The meeting had dragged on for near about an hour without them pinning anything on me, which at that time there was nothing to pin on me since I was still trying to be a good lil dub, and one elder turns to me and remarks how I hadn't really contributed to building our new hall. I told him "Arra and I have worked more on this hall than all of y'all's kids put together and for that matter we've done more than some of you have". It got real quiet for a minute, then the meeting ended and nothing was ever said on that subject again.


  • talesin
    The PO, Service Overseer, and the School Overseer were hanging out in the back of the Hall talking during the meeting. They acted like they were talking about "important" stuff.

    maverick, i'm with you on this one. sitting there BORED TO TEARS and they can stand around shooting the s*it looking important! used to happen all the time.

  • razorMind


    WHERE shall I begin?

    I hated, hated, HATED when a speaker would audibly swallow into the microphone. Or "blow" his b and p words. Or worse yet, smack his lips into the microphone before going to the next sentence. This was irritating enough to make me get up and step outside.

    I hear you regarding KH decor. When the KH was remodeled at my old cong., my elder dad had all the samples/colors for the carpet and chairs. I was actually asked for my opinion. Mind you, we had those spartan metal fold-up chairs and totally nondescript carpet, so I--artist that I am--was pushing HARD for some DAMNED COLOR IN THE PLACE. Nothing chic-y or funky, just shades of BLUE, for God's sake. Blue carpet and blue chairs in complementing shades of blue.

    This must've been just too much frivolity, for he consulted a group of staid, single Pioneer sisters, one of whom picked out industrial brown chairs and industrial brown carpet. Just about as nondescript, institutional, dull brown as they come.

    Another hideously irritating peeve, was the simultaneous sound of Watchtowers being opened at the beginning of the Watchtower study, right after the intermission song. That sound made me want to rip my ears off.

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