What was your biggest pet peeve at the Kingdom Hall ???

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  • Jessica Rabbit
    Jessica Rabbit

    I hated all the popularity contests. Especially amongst the Pioneers. They would even throw themselves Pioneer Parties! WTF! Then somehow they would find a way to bring it up around me as if I was missing out on some REAL excitement. I don't think so! I thought about having an "Inactive" party but didn't have enough room for all the guests.

    Oh, one more; people who would give "talks" from thier seats everytime they answered at the WT study.

    (O.K. you studied ahead of time, we know, we know! Get a life!)

    Jessica Rabbit

  • cruzanheart

    Ha! Good one, Tres Happy! My pet peeve was the decor, usually decided by the P.O.'s wife. In Desoto we had orange carpet. In Corsicana we had red carpet (same pattern -- somebody got a REALLY good deal on this stuff) and dark wood walls, rather reminiscent of a Mexican cantina. All that was missing were the chickens. In Plano it was . . . tasteful (yawn), but the cheap elders refused to allow us to have hot water in the ladies' room because, of course, being female, we would waste it.


  • betweenworlds
    I thought about having an "Inactive" party but didn't have enough room for all the guests.

    LOL!!!! Visit Smiley Central!

  • gumby
    was there anything in particular that drove you nuts at the Kingdom Hall ???

    Nothing in particular......it was mostly everything.

  • freedom96

    Just having to be there was bad enough. But I agree with the previous posts, with all the cliques, snobby attitudes, etc.

    It was funny one time pulling up at the hall in my Porsche I had at the time. All the snotty ones didn't know what to do. Didn't care, for I never was part of their cliques, etc. I did it mostly just to make them feel uneasy.

  • badolputtytat
  • TresHappy

    Cruzan - remember all the weddings at the Kingdom Halls during the early/mid 1980's? Interiors of the KH for the most part were bland in the first place, so you'd think a stunning bride, her studly groom dressed in a suit/tuxedo and their attendants with the flowers, etc. would make the place a little more aesthetically pleasing to the eyes? Sure enough, there would be these beautiful photos taken of the bride and groom and YUCK - the photo was marred by orange shag carpet or pukey "Brady Bunch years" green.

    They recently revamped the KH we both went to in the 1980's. I saw the photos and I have to say, somebody other than a elder was in charge of decorating the interior and it looks pretty good...pretty good for a Kingdom Hall, that is.

  • xjw_b12

    When the Sunday speaker didn't show up, and there were no substitute volunteers, to give the Public Talk.

    So the Watchtower conductor takes it upon himself to stretch out the study to make up the time for the "lost talk"

    Of course that would be one of the those beautiful Sunday mornings, when you were just itching to get out of the KH.

  • Elsewhere

    I would have to agree with badolputtytat... the smell... that awful musty, moldy, moist air smell. It seemed like it was in every KH I ever went to (Many in Texas, Louisiana, Florida, New York, Virginia, and California)... they ALL had the same awful musty, moldy, moist air smell.

    What is sad is that smell could easily be rid of by properly running and maintaining the central AC units in the halls. They never cleaned the cooling coils, so they were saturated with wet mold and dust. This also caused the efficiency to go down and prevented the condensation from going down the drain pipe like it was supposed to. Instead of lowering the humidity and reducing mold, the AC was actually causing mold and held the humidity in the building.

    The AC was only turned on when people were there, and since the doors were kept closed all the time and there were never any windows to air out the place, you ended up with years worth of stale air collected in the KH.

  • Gadget

    The fact that all the elders children, ect, that used to act all goody goody at the hall and in front of others, but when we were on our own they were the worst of the lot of us. Despite this all in the hall used to love them and think they were so spiritual, while at the same time classing all the other young ones who used to act the same all the time, whether in front of elders or their friends, because anyone who acts like that in front of others must be doing much worse when their on their own....

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