Swallowed my pride and had a good cry today

by Lady Lee 53 Replies latest jw friends

  • Inquiry

    Hey Lady...

    I'm thinkin of you ... (((((Lee)))))


  • wednesday

    it is just a word, it is not you,sent u a PM.


  • nowisee

    oh, lady lee, i am so sorry. but tears can be healing and i hope that after your good cry you picked yourself up and looked ahead.

    i have not been around too much lately, have been so busy, so please forgive me, i have not been aware of your health problems. but one of the few posts i have made recently involved your replies to me, and all i can say is that i was struck with your insight and discernment. you caused me to reflect and i am sure you do this for many others as well. it was to the extent that i thought of pm'ing you and asking for personal help. and i do not reach out easily or frivolously.

    anyway, please know, lady lee, that my best thoughts and wishes are directed towards you. may you find peace and healing.

    my very best wishes to you, nowisee

  • drwtsn32

    ((((Lady Lee))))

    I'm sorry to hear this.... you have our sympathy.

  • Ravyn

    Dear Lady Lee,

    we can light candles for each other ok?

    I understand. I gave up my first wheelchair when I left the JWs. I vowed I would never again be back in a 'chair. Well here I am. I understand exactly. Email if you ever need to.

    Look at the bright side----if I come up for a visit to Canada I won't have to bring my own parking permit, and if you come down here to Virginia you can leave yours home too.



  • acsot


    I had no idea! I'm so sorry! Sending positive thoughts your way. Tears are bits of sadness leaving our bodies and cleansing us. Thanks for letting us know.

  • cruzanheart

    (((Lady Lee))) I'm glad you had a good cry. I think you're overdue. It is healing, it is a release, and it is totally justified.

    Lots of love,


  • berylblue

    Lady Lee,

    You have been, and continue to be, an inspiration for me.

    I do understand, somewhat, how you feel. My doctor wanted to put me on perm disability. I decided to fight it. Maybe it was a big mistake. I have clawed my way upward, starting with a terrible job at McDonalds. Sometimes I think I should have gone on disability.

    I am fortunate in that I had a choice. It seems as though you did not.

    All my love to you, Lady Lee. Please PM me if you'd like.


  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    Thank you all for your support. I am learning here that support is not a one-way street (old lessons die hard).

    I bit the bullet and called my daughters in Montreal. I was going to wait - no reason to worry them for nothing. But I knew they would be upset if I didn't give them any warning about all of this. Well they are upset but concerned. So now we can all support one another.

    For now I can still manage around the house. Getting up in the morning is extremely painful but after a while I feel a lot better. My biggest problem with the walking is going out and walking for any distance or standing anywhere for too long.

    I did get some good news (maybe someone IS looking out for me). A couple of weeks ago I applied for a program that supports people who want to start their own business. I want to set up an on-line counseling business for people who do not have easy access to abuse counseling (rural or remote areas mostly). They called me today and want me to come in for an interview.

    If I get accepted into the program I would be able to work from home (especially good if this problem gets worse). So in spite of the feelings today I am looking forward to a positive future regardless of the outcome of all this.

    And please don't hesitate to PM me if advise or support is needed. It helps to keep me busy and I like to feel needed

  • talesin

    {{{{{{{Lady Lee}}}}}}}

    Will be thinking of you, sending some positive energy flow your way. You have helped a lot of people (I know we never talked, but I read a lot).


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