Swallowed my pride and had a good cry today

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  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    As some of you know I have been have a few health problems lately.

    I went to the doctor today to pick up my application for a handicapped parking permit. When we talked he said he would sign it for a year.

    Well he signed it as "permanent disability"

    In one way this is good because if they don't figure out the problem and find a solution I won't have to keep applying for it.

    On the other hand it was a shock. I wasn't ready for a paper that said "permanent disability"

    I know I will deal with this like I do with everything else. I really don't have a choice.

    But I just sat in the car and had me a good cry.

    It seems labels mean a lot more than I thought they did.

    I worked for many years both as a JW and after with people with a wide range of disabilities, auditory, visual and mobility. If I ever thought that I could do without one I never even considered mobility. I am still waiting for an appointment with a neurologist. Last week they sent me to the vascular lab for tests to see if the circulation was OK. It is and I knew it would be.

    So more waiting for more tests

    Thank you all for your concern and thoughts. They mean more than you know

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  • blondie

    Your heart and spirit aren't permanently disabled, LL.

  • Robdar

    (((((Lady Lee)))))

    Thank you for the update regarding your health. I have been thinking about you lately. I wish that I had words of comfort to offer you.

    It sucks that a person as sweet as you should be ill. I hope that the tests turn out well. Let us know.



  • shamus


    My thoughts are with you today. I am so sorry to hear of your disability, and hope that things turn around soon. You have demonstrated time and again how kind you are to the members of this board, and I can't imagine this place without people like you.


  • KGB

    I know exactly how it feels to be an ass buster one day and be permanantly disabled the next as I am on that list myself. It's been a very difficult thing for me to swallow also because I loved to work. I get bored very easily. But I have to face it. I'm done !!! I hate it but it's true. I hope you well wishes and if you need someone to talk to about it on a personal level please feel frre to pm me ok?

  • Joyzabel


    you are such a strong woman, I know you will deal with this with dignity.

    Keep us informed.



  • happyout

    ((((((( Lady Lee )))))))))

    I'm sorry to hear about your problems. Please know that so many thoughts and prayers are with you!

    You are very valued here, and have provided comfort to so many of us, I only hope we can in some small way bring comfort to you.


  • termite 35
    termite 35

    ((((((Ladylee)))))you're right to say that sometimes the only way to cope with things that floor us is to have a good cry.Sorry to hear you felt that low...sometimes its hard to bounce back is'nt it?

    You're a always so positive and give your time and inspiration to others-thankyou

    I remember the shock of getting my divorced label when my husband ran off with my friend

    im really pleased about the positive results you had- and i'll be thinking of you while you go through all the others.

    lots of love coming your way tonight xxxxx

  • Big Tex
    Big Tex


    It's okay. It's healthy to get the feelings out, and I'm glad you did. You're allowed.

    Labels are important, even when we think they're not. So it's natural for you to have some pretty big feelings about this label. I think the word "permanent" is often very scary to deal with. It has an air authority to it, but that doesn't mean it's always accurate. Yes you are going through something right now, and it can get pretty scary. But go through this process one day at a time and do not look too far ahead. Right now, permanent does not necessarily apply to you. That is an issue for another day.

    Today though it is appropriate for you to feel sad and frightened, or anything else you might be feeling. Let yourself feel, while not being overwhelmed by those feelings.

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