Why Are More JWs Claiming to be Anointed?

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  • scratchme1010

    Most JWs I know claim they are happy being in the great crowd.

    They'd rather live on a paradise earth and pet lions than go to heaven.

    Heaven is a place they can't relate to, a place where they don't expect their friends and loved ones to be.

    So why are more and more JWs claiming to be of the anointed?

    Aren't they looked down upon as if they are crazy, proud, ignorant, or engaging in apostate thinking?

    From the Wikipedia:

    "Grandiose delusions (GD), delusions of grandeur, expansive delusions or megalomania are a subtype of delusion that occur in patients suffering from a wide range of psychiatric diseases, including two-thirds of patients in manic state of bipolar disorder, half of those with schizophrenia, patients with the grandiose subtype of delusional disorder, and a substantial portion of those with substance abuse disorders. GDs are characterized by fantastical beliefs that one is famous, omnipotent, wealthy, or otherwise very powerful. The delusions are generally fantastic and typically have a religious, science fictional, or supernatural theme. There is a relative lack of research into GD, in contrast to persecutory delusions and auditory hallucinations. About 10% of healthy people experience grandiose thoughts but do not meet full criteria for a diagnosis of GD."

    From me:

    Attention seeking is on the rise. Every person now seems to want to be noticed, some of them at any cost.

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    great! more recruits to the barmy army. even the great crowd of other sheep think theyre nuts.

  • sparrowdown

    I think there are people that have actually begun to wake up but their cognitive dissonance is such that they think it means they're annointed. I see this as a good sign it could mean there are many JWs that are unsettled, dissatisfied and looking for more.

  • ShirleyW

    although I'm the first to comment on this post I must mention the first "anointed" I ever knew in the Cong I grew up in, he and his wife walked a way from da troof thirty or so years ago because they both realized things don't just add up, all the BS they put out their about the new generation and 607 stuff

  • steve2

    The interesting thing is that, before Rutherford changed JW doctrine to the two classes - heavenly or earthly - in the early 1930s EVERYONE partook of the bread and wine at the; it was absolutely no reflection on character and motive. My how Rutherford screwed with people's interpretation of the "innocent" rituals of the "Lord's Evening Meal".

    So here we are, several decades later, trying to fathom the motives and character of the rowing number of JWs who partake of the bread and wine.

  • James Mixon
    James Mixon

    "When you talk to God we call if prayer, but when God talks to you we call it schizophrenia".

  • Finkelstein

    So why are more and more JWs claiming to be of the anointed?

    Its a personal status thing to uphold within a congregation and of being a JWS as a whole.

    More JWS over all = more JWS who claim they are anointed, the age demographic is another plausible reason.

  • eyeuse2badub

    Because there is no qualifying, no questions to go over with the elders, and no hour requirement to be in that special group "annointed"!

    just saying!

  • Searching

    I believe another factor might be that people are kind of calling to question the validity of the statement that "Jesus is solely the mediator of the 144000" so if one believes Jesus is THEIR mediator, then of course that means following his words and partaking in the Passover.

  • steve2

    ...In addition to all of the valid reasons outlined in earlier posts, since when does anyone, anywhere accept an invitation to go to a meal with others and end up being asked 1) to refrain from joining in with others eating and drinking and 2) to confine themselves to observing others eating and drinking?

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