Why Are More JWs Claiming to be Anointed?

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  • My Name is of No Consequence
    My Name is of No Consequence

    Not that it matters, but the only anointed making the decisions are 7 or 8 guys in Brooklyn Warwick.

  • steve2

    Modern-day JWs know that to "come out" as being of the anointed is to court suspicion and judgement from their fellow believers. There is virtually no exception to this. JWs who do come out must at some level have considered its impact on others. Therefore, they are probably more likely to not be a typical JW, probably a little on the different side from the rank and file. Yet, good on them for considering all of this and still feeling the need to publically demonstrate their conviction. It may also help to also be a little on the madder than usual side. 😜

  • compound complex
    compound complex

    Bethel was a breeding ground for anointed wannabes. I talked to FWF about my sense of being anointed, asking him questions about one's knowing.

    His answer, as I recall, was straightforward: If you have to ask, you most likely aren't.

    I resumed my earth-bound goal, but other young guys persisted in their spiritual anointing.

  • waton

    replacement, again, for there are more failed past partaker than we thought. or

    overlapping replacements?

  • lemonjuice

    Maybe 144,000 is a symbolic number. Sources reveal that in the first century there were about 1,000,000 Christians. According to the Watchtower all those then were anointed.

    So somehow the math doesn't add up!

  • flipper

    I believe the reason more JW's are partaking ( the number goes up about 1,000 each year the last 10-12 years or so ) so now what is there ? About 16,000 worldwide ?

    The real reason is the WT Society about 10 - 12 years ago changed their teaching which once was that the door had been closed to more anointed being collected by 1935 . They used to teach the number had been sealed, " finished " , " done " by then . They opened it back up in about 2005 or so when they started getting younger and younger GB members who would need to be considered " anointed " in order to be GB members. So it was a convenient way to claim they had " new light " that God Jehober had opened up to receiving more anointed- when in reality it was " new light " for the convenience of getting these younger GB members stamped as " anointed " - so no one would question anything.

    But the truth is- as many of you state here- by opening it back up- it invited every Tom, Dick, Harry , and crazy person to claim that THEY too are anointed. But as we know WT Society leaders are very adept at shooting themselves in their own foot. Not much thought goes into this alleged " new light " - other than " how can it benefit the WT GB and WT leaders to keep the organization afloat " . My 2 cents

  • steve2

    Actually the number recorded in the 2016 Yearbook is over 18,000.

  • flipper

    STEVE 2 - So 2,000 more insane people than I thought are claiming to be prospective " kings and priests with Jesus " , eh ? Never knew Jesus needed so much help ! LOL. Well- he's dead, so he probably doesn't know

  • Chook

    Because they've seen what JWs earth had to offer, and the party upstairs seems more inviting.

  • ttdtt

    The question of WHY there are more now really hasn't been answered.

    The reason is that when they changed the GENERATIONS - and have the new Overlapping Generations - and did away with the number already been sealed - it was an opportunity that people are taking (and that's how many of the comments above fit in)

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