Why Are More JWs Claiming to be Anointed?

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  • steve2

    You could say that, Mr Flipper! Actually, according to their Yearbook figures, in 2014 there were 14,121 partakers and two years later (2016) it had risen to 18,013 - that's an increase of not quite 2,000 a year - this is a growth that JW organization will not want to crow about.

  • The Fall Guy
    The Fall Guy

    I reckon that quite a percentage (but not all) have reached the conclusion that all Christians were to partake of the bread & wine - regardless of the destination "hoped" for.

    However, out of fear of the punishment which would certainly follow, they cannot openly state how they feel, so they just let others believe that they really do have the "heavenly hope."

  • LongHairGal


    It is a way for some JWs to get more attention or feel special. Others are looking for money I think.

    When I was active in the religion I paid these people no mind and now I would have no patience for anybody making "divine" claims. I'd laugh in their face.

  • sloppyjoe2
    Personally I think the issue here is not how many people claim to be of the anointed, but that one day if the number keeps growing, they will have to change the doctrine of 144,000. The same thing will happen then as it does now when they change something and it is shown how it was absolutely claimed to be false before the change. Everyone will jump for joy and talk about how great Jehovah is and the light gets brighter if they ever say the 144,000 is no longer literal. We will point out how the GB said people who claimed to be of the anointed had mental issues and really made people believe they were crazy. JWs then will say we are apostates and blinded by satan and go on as if it's the greatest change ever.
  • Bungi Bill
    Bungi Bill


    To that, add a generous measure of mental illness, and the numbers of "anointed are" almost guaranteed to increase!

    Certainly, my experience with those more recently "partaking of the emblems" has been that they are usually suffering from some sort of mental illness.

  • James Mixon
    James Mixon

    Recently my cousin (minister) here in town for a birthday , so he asked about the family member who are JW's...

    (my cousin)...so are there any family members that have moved up to be part of the 144000???( me.)....No, none so far, they are still peons. (cousin)....How does one become one of the 144000??? You know it's not easy to explain how one is notified by God Almighty that you have been selected to rule over mankind and you have replaced others who have died and demoted to a peon..It's not easy explaining that the person is contacted by a spirit, well maybe not a spirit but by some magical means (well not by magic) in a dream they know they have the calling..You sound like a crazy person..So I told my cousin, most people that is part of the 144000 have mental issues..

  • Stealth

    New Light: There must be 144,000 per overlapping generation.

    It's right in the bible where it talks about overlapping generations.

  • phats

    May I ask?

    I can't ask my wife as she thinks I'm having a go so we keep such things unlit.

    Some faithfulls must be putting 2 & 2 together & at least looking for something to say if they are asked.

    What's the up to date excuse for this phenomena?

    This wasn't such a problem when I was in.


  • waton
    prospective " kings and priests with Jesus " , eh ? Never knew Jesus needed so much.....flipper: help

    The new partakers can not be avid bible readers. Rev, 20.:-- to rule with Christ is not a question to eat crackers, but to be killed by the axe. That would seal your fate.

    Why are there now more jw claimants? because they mistakenly believe to be a candidate, you have to partake, when the truth is, that the earliest partakers had an earthly hope and had to sacrifice that, to obtain the higher calling. All should have partaken all along., like all believers did. until 1925 , 35?

    avid bible readers realize something is wrong when they come to the part with talking snake.

  • James Mixon
    James Mixon

    Question, what's the numbers of women vs men..When you think about it for women to move up in the organization, when I get to heaven I will bring smoke on you arrogant male but right now I'am of the heavenly class and don't screw with me.......

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