Demon possesion, bunch of crap or?

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    Aprostate Exam
    My field is in psychology, and although many things can be explained through certain psychological thought processes, I have experienced some strange happenings. As a JW I was taught to think of anything strange as a demonic happening. I like to hear stories of people that have been resuscitated, these stories give me hope. I know that I was no where and do not have knowledge of my existence before being born, so this strengthened the JW way of thinking, that we do not know our post existence either, until we are resurrected. But I want to believe that we go somewhere, I want to believe this so much. I have a few experiences that have drawn me to think that we exist as spirits after we pass away. My brother's presence was felt at my moms house for about a week after his death. He messed with the electronics, my father and I still talk about this. I have asked my JW parents to come visit me after they pass away, to give me some reaffirmation of this.
  • AmIright
    There might be an alternate dimension that bleeds into this one at times. Who knows for certain? - Lieu

    There might be a teapot orbiting the sun. Who knows for certain?

    Extraordinary claims require extraordinary

    scientist's are finding proof of parallel universe's...

  • AmIright

    Scientists have finally proven that there IS life after death but we might not be going to heaven

    seen this on the google news feed

  • Anders Andersen
    Anders Andersen

    If spirits are able to mess with electronics, lighting, hide stuff or uncover long lost items, make sounds, influence dreams, etc...

    Why can't they just grab a pencil a write on a piece of paper 'hey its me I miss you guys'.

    Or knock Morse code. Send an email.

    To me it seems that all the signs attributed to souls and spirits are just as clear as answers to prayer: you might get some, or not. You never know for sure. And it's all complete up to yourself to come up with an interpretation. It's always ambiguous at best. Without your own wishful thinking the events would never have picked up as a message from God/spirits.

    But maybe I'm too skeptical...

  • dogon
    Its always you hear about someone who knew someone that had a table float or some such bull shit. As a kid my parents would sit around the table and tell stories, always about someone they knew that knew someone that had some experience. I have a couple of cousins that swear they had demon problems, but the one woman tried in later years to kill her kids in an oven, she was mentally off. Her father swore to me he was helping to rid a home of demon problems and found a box of dishes that had crosses on them. I found a Catholic cross at a marina broken and fixed it and still have it and never had a problem. LMAO. He said it was not enough he took the dishes to a land fill, he was one of those over the top gung ho asshat elders. He had to break every dish. He told me that some dust from the dishes got into his gloves and on the ride home the gloves tried to strangle him. Mental illness runs in that family. Its a load of BS, but can I prove that? No, but I have never ever seen anything that could not be explained by some other more reasonable explanation.
  • cofty
    Why do OUIJA boards stop working when you make everybody wear a blindfold?
  • atomant
    Maybe demons evolved from the soup like humans.?heinz anyone?
  • ttdtt
    just a bunch of crap covers it 100%
  • Dunedain

    You notice how most of the "demon stories", or "demonic encounters", mentioned are talking about DREAMS. That's because that is exactly what it is, a DREAM.

    Yes, it feels real. Yes it WAS scary. Yes, you dreamt it more than once. Yes, it happened on a night you watched a rated R movie, or when you were wondering if demons were real. BUT yes, they are still JUST A DREAM.

    In fact, when someone believes that demons ARE real, it subconsciously pre-disposes them to "see", or "feel" demons, especially in a dream.

    I can GUARANTEE that if you do NOT believe in demons, you will NEVER have a demonic experience. I can also GUARANTEE, that if you believe in demons, you most likely WILL have a demonic experience.


  • smiddy

    How many Bible accounts , in either the Old testament or new testament are their about people with a mental disease , .I would suggest very few.What are your thoughts.?

    How many Bible account ` s  are their about people who are possessed by a Devil or demons in the Bible , I would suggest their re  a great many  number.

    Demon possession is strong in the Bible.

    Mental Illness is almost non existant in the bible.

    My theory /belief here is the ancient Bible writers never had a clue about mental illness in those days , so they just assumed it was the work of the Devil , influenced by the beliefs/superstitions that was paramount of those times.

    So those poor souls accused of  demonic behaviour were nothing more than being  victims of a condition they had no control over . , mental  Illness .


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