Demon possesion, bunch of crap or?

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  • raven


    I've been using the forum to vent and post a lot more frequently lately as a venting purpose & way to obtain peace of mind with the craziness I've been going through recently as I fade away form the org.
    Anyways today I'm sitting here at work and thinking to myself about demons... Ok I know this sounds crazy but has anyone else out there been traumatized by the thought of demons? I had a dream the other night, just flat out spooky and I woke and couldn't help but feeling it may have been evil ole' Satan and his demons at it again.. I don't want to believe that, (trying not to, & just brushing it under the rug so to speak) But have any of you out there been talked up about demons? And how they'll possess inanimate objects and mess with us? I remember as a child I told my mom I was having bad dreams while we were visiting my grandparents one summer, & my mom practically tore down the bedroom to find out what was causing my scary dreams. She eventually found these little Egyptian statue trinkets and blamed my creepy dreams on demons possessing the trinket... Is that a bunch of bologna? I've also heard about JW's back in the day believing Smurfs were demons? LOL!

    Anyways, I'm just rambling at this point, but what have you all experienced or been indoctrinated to know about demons, experiences anyone? So I know I'm not crazy.
  • HappyDad

    I sometimes wonder the same thing. About 8 years ago I was having some very weird and scary dreams. They seemed so real that I actually thought it was happening. One in particular happened at least three times over a period of weeks. It was as if I actually woke up, got out of my bed that was rocking slightly and items from the dresser would move. While this was happening I was thinking "I know I'm awake, this isn't a dream. I actually touched things in the dream thinking that I was awake. Call me crazy but I don't know what causes such vivid dreams.

    Other dreams were of my late wife. I would be talking to her and knew that she was dead but here looking at me. One particular dream about 15 or more years ago (she's gone for 20 years now) she was in it and it turns out my daughter had the same dream on the same night I had it. Only she talked to my daughter and told her everything would be ok. My daughter and I described what she was wearing and it was exactly the same for both of us.

    Demons? I don't know but when I was a good JW that is what I would have said.


  • Half banana
    Half banana

    The threat of a devil and demons is a fantastic way to get people to conform to a religious doctrine. The JW org play this card all the time. If you don't do what we say you are pleasing Satan... This is so childish, so black and white! Real life is not like this.

    JWs and the early christ sects for that matter, made just the same warnings. It's a psychological trick, as they say: talk of the devil and he bound to appear.

    Once a person researches cult religion and its mind control, it becomes apparent that these infantile methods work on the people who do concern themselves with the devil, those who have been held back in their education and natural development. Mature humans don't worry about invisible spirits unprovable fears and threats from another dimension, the real world has enough to worry about!...but our unfounded fears can be conquered.

    Life is better than you think once you have shaken off the Watchtower mindset.

  • AmIright

    OK, I BELIEVE THEYRE REAL. purely based on my own experiences with multiple people where I would see shadows(silhouette of a man with a old style bowler hat) not only did I see them but I have seen them while with other people and they have seen them too. recently ive been seeing bright lights which just vanish, also If I'm out walking the fields and I'm on my way home and the sun has left I will get bright lights show me mysurroundings as if the sun was shining, People have also seen a "man" near me but when I answered the fon and they told me where to look there was nothing....apparently as a child my mother referred to my "best friend" being a "ghost" and it would hide my stuff on me, but then she said I came back from the stream one day and had told her I had killed and buried my friend(ghost)..... LOL DONT WORRY ABOUT IT. from my experience they've helped save my life a few times.  they also leave on command too!  really don't worry JW is run by satan anyway.

  • Lieu

    I always had this weird dream about a couple of (drunken) demons on a parking lot in front of a police station tossing nearby neighborhood cars around. The police surround them but can't do anything about them. I show up take a police baton from some officer and draw a circle around the demons ... They can't go beyond the circle so they get mad and fling more cars. I'm not afraid of them.

    The lead demon starts shouting at me. Why are you bothering us? I say it's not their time yet. Anyhow, a glowing yellow sword comes down from heaven and I step into the circle to fight the leader. Once I get the better of it, my sword turns red and demon leaders face has a look of horror on it. I slash, it dies.

    The other couple of demons start screeching in horror. My sword returns to yellow and at that point some Angelic police swoop down with chains and smash bore the demons into the earth core prison; leaving a huge hole in the ground.

    The sword disappears and that's pretty much it.

  • cofty

    There are no spirits - evil or otherwise.

    Nobody can even define "spirit" in a way that makes any sense.

    We are descended from thousands of generations of ancestors who assumed agency in random events. Those who didn't usually failed to leave descendants.

  • Lieu

    Around the time my mom started with the JWs she said I had three invisible friends named sheol, sheal, and shole. (A 2 yr old mind you).

    Odd. I guess it's better to have death as a friend than an enemy.

  • Island Man
    Island Man

    I think demon possession is superstitious rubbish thought up by ancient people who were unable to explain mental illnesses. Remember, there was a time when people did not know that the brain is responsible for our thoughts and actions. They thought that there was a separate inanimate being inhabiting the body - a "ghost in the machine", if you will.

    So when presented with mental people who were having auditory hallucinations and split personality disorders, and behaving violently or irrationally, they would naturally think that there must be another "ghost in the machine" - that the person's body is possessed.

    However, by the time science finally figured out the brain's role in thought, action and mental illness, the idea of demons and demon-possession had already taken firm hold in religions and had become inextricably entwined with religious beliefs and the sacred writings they're based on. So people still held on to the superstitious idea of demons and demon possession even though science had already provided an answer for behavior of those said to be possessed.

    So I believe that ignorance of the brain's functioning and malfunctioning led to the development of the idea of possession by spirits. And once this idea became a part of sacred religious beliefs and texts, loyalty to these said sacred religious beliefs preserved and perpetuated this false idea of demon possession long after science has presented a reasonable and logical explanation.

  • Lieu

    Meh Crofty,

    There might be an alternate dimension that bleeds into this one at times. Who knows for certain?


    What if there are far more advanced lifeforms in the universe that can possess a human? And for them possessing a human is like playing with a remote controlled car but more fun.

  • Island Man
    Island Man

    Meh Crofty,

    There might be an alternate dimension that bleeds into this one at times. Who knows for certain?

    Meh Lieu,
    There might be an invisible pink elephant floating around in your room at times. Who knows for certain? LOL

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