Demon possesion, bunch of crap or?

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  • Wasanelder Once
    Wasanelder Once

    When you learn about your brain chemistry you will find your answer. Fear and anxiety manifests in many ways, one way is in dreams, another is superstition. The JW's feed that fire. Actively control your anxiety by changing input into your unconscious. Don't worry, Be happy.

    Don't Worry, Be Happy

  • Anders Andersen
    Anders Andersen

    Yeah I used to believe that nonsense too. But really, there ain't such beings.

    Any effort to prove demons exist under (at least somewhat) controlled circumstances were unsuccessful. So we're left with hearsay, sensational fables, scared people who don't think straight, institutional fearmongering, etc.

    Apart from that: if Biblical demons do exist, and our protection is gone when we leave Jehovah or please show me from the Bible examples of demon-induced dreams, demon-possessed objects, demons creating shadows, etc. No such thing in there. You're either possessed or not. You're either talking to one or not. That's it.

    Don't be scared. There is no such a thing.

    @Happydad, look up lucid dreaming. Much fun :-)

  • Half banana
    Half banana
    Lieu, didn't anyone tell you; Hollywood is not real life?
  • raven

    I was always terrified of praying out loud as well because I didn't want Satan or the demons to know what I was confiding in God about.. I do remember before though saying aloud, "Satan are you real?" ..... Nothing happened. hmmph.

    Island Man: l do agree with you on the fact that we have been told forever about the spirit realm, especially those who have experienced hallucinations, dark energy, etc. Maybe that is why they thought to preform exorcisms?

  • jookbeard
    went through a phase during my teens years of being petrified of spirits,demonic possession etc, it didn't help with an almost addiction to horror films particularly like like The Exorcist,The Omen, The Evil Dead etc, now many years later I'm completely free of such ridiculous fear and worry, there is nothing out there, during my fade though my wife and sister did comment that they felt I was possessed even by then I was not in any doubt that it was all a lot of fear fearmongering superstitious nonsense.
  • pbrow

    Apostate!!!!! The elephant is very clearly reddish with an orange hue... not this blasphemous pink color that you talk about!

    As for me and my household we trust in the noodly appendage


  • cofty
    There might be an alternate dimension that bleeds into this one at times. Who knows for certain? - Lieu

    There might be a teapot orbiting the sun. Who knows for certain?

    Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.

  • Lieu

    Lol @ Half banana

    Well at least I wasn't afraid of them. I mean really, if God was supposed to be on my side why should I be afraid of the less powerful?

    Those first century biblical people didn't seem to be all that afraid of them. They used possessed people to make money a few times that I recall reading.

    The whole fear mongering over demons is kinda silly. From a Biblical standpoint:

    1.Who's more powerful demons, Jesus, or God? Who are adherents supposed to fear?

    2. Where in the Bible does it say they jump into inanimate objects? Nowhere. If they did that, I would think there'd be instances in the Bible where some idols actually spoke to people. Don't you? (Talk about having some bad boy fun.) So no, that vase sister Jones bought at a yard sale is not demon possessed.

    Core theme with the WTBTS is to be feared and instill with fear of just about everything. Sad really.

  • Anders Andersen
    Anders Andersen

    Inanimate objects are safe.

    Just don't keep snakes or donkeys as pets. Or pigs. Or bearded people. Or blind people. Cripple. Epileptic. Mute. Deaf. They're all possessed. Or at least they could be. Better safe than sorry...

  • Lieu
    .... and little girls with dollies. <----- Talk about spooky

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