Demon possesion, bunch of crap or?

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  • Crazyguy
    My wife believes in demon possession. I once got a book from a friend that the wife then thought was possessed because the friend said they had ghosts in thier house. Anyway had to get the book out of the house. Later I brought it back in and she didn't know and still no demons. Also I have the biggest demon possessed book ever in the house CoC and she doesnt know and still no demons.
  • Carol1111

    I think fear of 'demons' and 'things that go bump in the night' has to do with the active imagination of a child, which most of us eventually grow out of.

    As a little child I was terrified of flushing the toilet at night as it makes such a noise and I thought that some unknown 'thing' would hear and get me. I felt I was safe in bed, so if I did flush I would run and jump into bed as quickly as I could. I didn't know what the 'thing' was and grew out of it eventually.

    I also was afraid that daleks would get me and combatted this fear by realising that they move around on wheels and so could not get up stairs. Once again, I was safe in bed!

  • raven
    You're all pretty much right about active imagination, it's crazy how our minds can make us believe things that aren't really "out to get us" so to speak. Still makes me wonder though, across the nation they have haunted hotels, or ghost tours, do you think that people get scared at these events because of over active imagination especially when the environment is made out to be "creepy"?
  • krejames

    I used to be terrified of demons and if I felt I had sinned in some way that would mean jehovah taking his blessing away I would sleep with the lights on.

    I used to to wake myself up in my sleep and be conscious but still paralysed and hear a buzzing sound. I thought it was demon and would try and say "Jehovah" but only an earthly demonic voice would emanate from me. I thought I was possessed. As I was fading I did some research on this and found I was experiencing lucid dreams which is apparently quite common. It's a phenomenon that occurs usually as you're waking up.

    in fact lucid dreams also explains away the stories my mum and my sister told me of their own "demonic experiences". It obviously runs in the family.

    Nowadays I'm a cynic but I do acknowledge there are some unexplained phenomena for which maybe science hasn't discovered the cause. I think maybe humans have more powers than we realise - such as the seemingly telepathic connection between twins. But I don't believe this is from a spirit realm

  • TheWonderofYou

    Today we have TV series, ghost & demons horror movies, war & crime series, hounters creepers, thrillers, ghostbusters and hundreds of fantasy books with vampirs and all kind of mightful mad characters.

    Human anxiety about the evil and the absolute evil is a reality and is deep in us. We like to act out the dramatic reality of evil in our imagination. That is simply how we deal with the possibilty that the infinite evil exists and what we would do if we came in that situation. Its thrilling and fascinating to watch and even to play.

    Each culture and religion had its demons and customs and perhaps they were naive for our modern understanding but it always turned around the really existing evil or the mad nature and that human could change their character and went the way to their and others ruin

  • Vidiot

    smiddy - "...the ancient Bible writers never had a clue about mental illness in those days, so they just assumed it was the work of the Devil... those poor souls accused of demonic behaviour were nothing more than victims of a condition they had no control over..."

    That shit wasn't just limited to Biblical times.

    It still happens in some parts of the world.

  • freemamaof3

    sitting here at work thinking to myself about demons

    This cracked me up. You weirdo. (just kidding) Until recently I had a horrible fear of all things demon related or satan related. I knew for sure he was out to get me. I suggest doing some reading on how our brains function. Look into having disrupted sleep wake cycle, look into sleep paralysis, and also how we find patterns in the dark when there are none. It really eases my mind when i have scary dreams and i can remember that they are from phobias ingrained in my young mind by a cult, rather than actual supernatural things. Our eyes and brains can certainly deceive us. I thought sure when I read all the Harry Potter series that I missed out on as a youth that I'd be demon raped, alas, no such luck. Not even so much as a blanket tug.

  • Lieu

    I don't know about you dreams but this one thing is fact: Nowhere absolutely nowhere in the Bible do demons possess inanimate objects.

  • Slidin Fast
    Slidin Fast

    The best evidence for "demon possession" I have seen is the recent leaked RC videos, particularly the one on disfellowshipping. I certainly think those behind them evidence a sick mind.

  • bsmart

    "How many Bible accounts , in either the Old testament or new testament are their about people with a mental disease , .I would suggest very few.What are your thoughts.?"

    I asked my aunt about Isaiah walking 3 years naked in Isaiah 3 and she claimed it wasn't in the bible. I maintain he was mentally ill but what do I know?

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