JW's Would Stay With The Org Even If 1914 Was Dropped

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  • steve2

    As JWs, we told anyone who would listen that "the generation that was old enough to comprehend the start of World War One would not pass away before the end comes". It gave our work focus and urgency.

    Now that teaching has been replaced by the absurd "overlapping generation" update. And most JWs don't even blink. That's what religious subservience in a high control group is all about.

  • Finkelstein

    Good point Steve2.

  • waton
    Now that teaching has been replaced by the absurd "overlapping generation" update. S2

    Update indeed!! updated to 2075.

    Using David Splane's charter expo, and using typical Fredrik Franz under/overlappers, wt does not have to worry about consequences of dropping 1914, or not, until due date: 2075.

  • baldeagle

    As mentioned before here about other doctrines from the distant past. There isn’t really a need to formally drop the 1914 teaching. Just continually and gradually reduce the number of references to it in talks and study articles and it will just die a natural death without any fanfare.

    The masses remaining alive will still remotely believe in it, but it will make no doctrinal impression or have any Biblical meaning in anyone’s life. Problem solved.

  • mikeflood

    They said "we do not try to find a symbolic meaning or future fullfillment in every Bible account" back in ws 3/2015, when they were talking about types and antitypes. So I agree, 1914 is gonna to begin to disappear from their 'up to date' publications. It's maybe the last Russellian thing.

  • breakfast of champions
    breakfast of champions
    I would remain with Jehovah’s Witnesses, because I appreciate being in a religion that changes a belief when they realize that it’s wrong. - Sam Thorne

    I hope Sam "appreciates" that he is in a religion that kicks you to the curb when you realize that their beliefs are wrong and that they haven't bothered to change them for decades.

  • joe134cd

    To be honest it wasn’t until I started coming onto apostate sites that I realised the significance of the 1914 / overlapping generations doctrines. I really just feel so silly now that I was going around knocking on doors trying to convince the public that I had the truth when I really didn’t know myself what I believed. To be honest I guess for my 40 years as a dub I could never understand the idea behind 1914 or did I care to know

  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim

    Crisis of Conscience. It is revealed in that book by Ray Franz that 1914 was to begin the Great Tribulation, not the 'beginning' of the 'last days'. I never knew that either, up until recently when I read that book.

    There is also some youtube videos on the ''primitive christianity' channel where it touches on this. It's one of the videos entitled 'the truth about Charles Taze Russel' with Raymond Franz starting it off.

  • zeb

    Yes yes yes fluttering about the kh and having everyone tell everyone how lovely they are; where so many get their social intercourse as it exists for them nowhere else and of course stuck in the mud human pride not relenting when you have been proven wrong...

  • waton

    Really, 1914, as wt lived it, has been dropped a long time ago, because that October the Anointed were supposed to have their first Breakfast or "last supper" in "heaven".

    Now that "gathering to their reward " is slated for late this century, (compliments of the overlap)

    1914 for wt is an empty shell. the year happened happened of course, and it was devastating, but had nothing to do with what watch tower predicted.

    Empty shells are irrelevant, as long as believers keep shelling out the money, the free hours.

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