JW's Would Stay With The Org Even If 1914 Was Dropped

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  • fukitol

    They'll never drop 1914, theres no need for them to drop it. But eventually they might just change the meaning of what happened in 1914. For example, they could reinterpret it to say the tree stump was only unbanded in 1914 and since then has been slowly regrowing and doesnt represent the ruling kingdom until fully regrown at the great tribulation. And just slide forward Jesus rule, the kingdom coming into power, etc, to occur at the great tribulation, while leaving 1914 as the time of unbanding only and beginning of the separation of the wheat from the weeds.

    95% of JWs would swallow that hook line and sinker.

  • Vidiot
    truth_b_known - "How can anyone refer to their religion as 'The Truth' when literally every belief may be wrong and could change at anytime?"

    JWs aren't in because they think it's "true".

    They think it's "true" because they're in.

  • road to nowhere
    road to nowhere

    We Trump supporters do not believe everything he says. Nor do we believe everything the opposition says. So far most ofr the penalties for disagreeing have come from the PC crowd the same as disagreeing with the WT has penalties (see the thread about shunning "weak" members). It is not like we got any viable choices.

  • Ex-JWs Brazil
    Ex-JWs Brazil

    They can drop 1914 and embrace the doctrine of hell. No JW would care...

    They are a social club based on 1950's clothing and fashion.

  • Vidiot
    Ex-Jws Brazil - "They're a social club based on 1950s clothing and fashion."

    Holy shit, you're right.

    Like, seriously (not being sarcastic).

    Stephen Lett's like a weird-ass clone of Ward Cleaver* (with a dash of Marshall Applewhite).

    HTF did I not see it before???


    *Clearly, the geneticists were dismayed to find that a copy is never quite as sharp as the original. (now I'm being sarcastic :smirk:)

  • waton
    EJB.hey are a social club based on 1950's clothing aThe are the spiritual Israelites in the wilderness, their cloths do not wear out.

    Like in the wilderness, their cloth do not wear out. But, Their new generation will do not even discuss beliefs, It is this generational divide that will keep the thing moving, not mired in doctrine.

    Even by casualties in % of the world population, it is a blip compared to what has happened since 1914. Never mind what happened or not invisibly.

  • carla

    It wouldn't matter if they drop 1914 or not because most jw's hardly even know about the date much less explain it. Ever ask one to show you using a non jw bible to explain it? like using garlic on a vampire, poof, they are gone in a heartbeat.

  • DesirousOfChange

    Ever ask one to show you using a non jw bible to explain it? ~ CARLA

    OR............Ever ask one to show you using a JW Bible to explain it?

    It can only be explained with JW literature and their doublespeak mumbo jumbo. (To which most JWs respond with that deer-in-the-headlights look, a dufus smile, and an "Oh, yes! Jehovah reveals the deeper things only to His people!"

  • Crazyguy

    They could easily change the date or get rid of it all together and most of the fucktards would be none the wiser or care. But some will leave some will notice . When the 1995 change in the generation teaching took place a lot of JWs did leave but times have changed most haven’t a clue of deeper doctrinal issued.

    Its now mostly a feel better then everyone else because I’m in gods organization club. We’re better then you because we have the truth, gang.

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    a lot of dubs would stay with the org--even if it packed up. they arent the sharpest tools in the box--and need to be told when to wipe their spiritual arses.

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