Pranks to play in the hall...

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  • purrpurr

    Wow these are just great! I never thought I'd get such a good response to my thread... Keep em coming guys!

    OK what about placing crayons in a "rainbow formation" under the windscreen wiper of every car you can? When they turn them on a rainbow will be drawn across the windscreen!

    Or stuff glitter into the air con systems, cue mass of glitter spurting out and glitter sticks around for ages! Better yet have the glitter written on with the name of apostate websites!

  • notjustyet

    take one of those timed fragrance dispensers and hack it for remote controlled release. Install one of those "fart in a can" spray cans and hide inside HVAC to be released at meeting times.

  • punkofnice

    In the days of the 'record player' (Gramophone to you, grandad), I used to alter the speed from 33 1/3rd to 45 or 75 rpm. Sometimes no one would notice.

    When I was in the sound booth, I used to pretend there was a problem with the mics if a bro or sis I didn't like answered up. I'd cut it off early, in the middle or just not put it on.

  • Divergent

    When I was a kid, I changed the afternoon field service times from 'pm' to 'am' on the large white board. Everyone looks at the board as it is a large board prominently displayed near the stage & the brother delivering the announcements would refer to it when announcing the meeting points for each field service group

    The field service meeting times were written in large, bold letters. At the next meeting, I was eagerly anticipating the announcements as all eyes would be on the notice board. How disappointed I was when not a single person noticed! Damn. This went on for a few meetings, and all the while, nobody noticed! Unbelievable...

    I couldn't stand it anymore. I wanted people to notice my "handiwork!" During the announcements one meeting when the field service times & locations were read out & all eyes were on the board, smart aleck me pointed the "mistake" out to my dad. I didn't anticipate his reaction though. He literally jumped out from his seat & dashed to the board in front of everyone to rectify the error! I was laughing my ass off. However, I was later on identified as the culprit & punished back home. Short-lived joy that was...

  • POs Son
    POs Son

    Many years ago, there was an elaborate design of fake money and checks to place in contribution boxes. I think Richie Rich had something to do with it, and Danny Hazzard of course.

  • Watchtower-Free
  • tiki
    I always wondered what they do if someone just grabbed the glass of wine at the memorial and just guzzled it all down.....
  • Billzfan23

    A few years ago, we were replacing the carpet and drapes in our hall. There had been a local building materials company there, and they left behind swatches (samples) of various curtain materials as well as carpet. Next to each of the samples was a little bowl that you were supposed to write your "vote" for a particular color of carpet and drapes on a piece of paper, and whatever color got the widest acceptance was selected. Obviously, the neutral colors were winning. In the corner was the burnt orange and puke green swirly fabric and vomit color carpet combination. A friend and I (recognizing that it was getting ZERO love) - slipped in a bunch of votes for it. Big won!

    For years, I would hear people say (when talking about our hall) - "How on earth did the congregation choose that color for the drapes and carpet?" and I would just chuckle to myself. It was priceless... juvenile...but still epic :)

  • Badfish

    I once put dry ice in the toilet. It was hilarious when an elder came in with a shocked looked on his face and started flushing it frantically!

  • James Mixon
    James Mixon

    Send a love letter to Elder stick up his ass. Tell him I dream about you every night,

    I can't take it any longer. I'm the one in the KH that watch every move you make.

    You think there will be a local talk in the next meeting. If not the elder will be checking

    out the sisters or brothers. It will drive him crazy. LOL

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