Pranks to play in the hall...

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  • Driving Force
    Driving Force

    Best laugh I have had today. Brilliant, I agree with you "Bastards".

  • Doctor Who
    Doctor Who

    Made fudge that looked like turds and kept putting them in the women's room bathroom stall. Did it about 6 times. Usually on a Wednesday afternoon about 3 hours before the meeting. We actually had a local needs part about being clean in God's house. Never got caught!

  • notjustyet

    Throw what look like a used condom into the 2nd school.

    I say "used" because I don't want you to actually use it, just stretch it out and put in a little mayonnaise into the end of it.

    Come into the Hall early and put a sexy bra and or panties onto the top of the blades of the ceiling fan so that when they are turned on they will fly off into the audience.

    You get the point, illicit sex in the kingdom hall theme.


  • GrownMidget

    OK, this is an asshole one but here goes anyway.

    You could sit in the very front during the memorial and when the bread comes at your place, eat it all. Majority of the people won't be able to partake and will look at each other like "what the hell did he just do?!"

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    nic--i heard a very similar story-----back in the late 60's--from bevan vigo--then the CO.

    at the London Bethel guys would be on the back row with silver coins in their eyes--and stand up all together --to startle the speaker. perhaps thats where your mates got the idea from.

    ( i read on here some months back that bevan vigo is a senior guy at the beth hell these days.)

  • freddo
    When I used to donate I put £10.00 in penny pieces into the contribution box. Counting 1000 pennies for my mate the asst. accounts servant was irritating.
  • Village Idiot
    Village Idiot
    I heard of a ministerial servant who pranked a party by putting chocolate ex-lax by the food so that people would think it was ordinary candy. He was discovered and his "privileges" were pulled.
  • GrownMidget

    After you are disfellowshipped or you have dissociated yourself, take a one year break. After that go back into the meetings to show how bad the world has affected you...

    While you open the door to the Kingdom Hall make sure you are wearing corpse paint, contact lenses, high heel boots, long leather jacket, some dark pants which have lots of metal in them, heavy metal fan-shirt, black hoodie covering most of your head, long greasy hair, some scary looking face/ear/neck/finger/leg jewelry such as Cross of St. Peter, Pentagram or Baphomet and have headphones playing some black metal music with loud growl vocals and go sit in the front.
    Faces = Priceless!

  • Lied2NoMore
    The KH in my locale has HVAC vents under concrete slab. I will one day take a pack of wrapped pork spare ribs and slide them between vents. In a few weeks or months there will be some kind of stank in that hall, if I get an update once it gets discovered and the disgust and puking that happens, I'll likely bust my insides with laughter!
  • rebelfighter


    Different organization but we had someone who for every big event would contributed $50.00 or $100.00 in one dollar bills the catch was he very neatly folded each one into the smallest origami bird or plane and we would have sit there unfold them.

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