Pranks to play in the hall...

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  • Dunedain
    Glue the Watchtower conductors magazines pages together, and do the same to the Watchtower readers magazine too. If you are lucky, the conductor will realize it first, and maybe ask the reader for his magazine while on stage, only to then have his magazine glued together also, lol.
  • cognac
    Nic- that's so friggin funny!!!
  • Dunedain
    Right before the song is about to be played, switch out the CD, with either the loudest Heavy Metal, or most vulgar gangster rap CD, you could find.
  • cappytan

    There was this one Uber Pioneer sister that I couldn't stand and after repeatedly being counseled by the elders for her long, 2 minute+ comments, she kept on pulling that sh!t.

    So, one day, while running the sound mixer, I decided to cut the sound on her comments after 30 seconds. I pretended to scramble around, trying to figure out what went wrong with the sound...scratched my head and shrug my shoulders. Then, the next comment she gave, she was going long again, and I did the same thing.

    My dad talked to me afterwards, while stifling a laugh.

  • StarTrekAngel

    With the uptick in the number of electronic devices at the halls, the number of unexpected noises is also in the uptrend. People forget to turn their phones and tablets down.

    One time, an older sister, married with grown up children (probably in her late 50's) had to get up in a rush and was blushing red. Somehow she accidentally played a video or audio file from the org. So we are seating down there quietly and all of a sudden we hear a loud sounds that goes "How do I explain to people why I still keep my virginity?"

    We all turned around to look and we see her running out of the auditorium, stuffing the tablet in her jacket in an effort to muffle the sound.

  • StarTrekAngel
    We also had several brothers (including an elder) leave their phones on during the meeting. A call would come in and the ring tone turned out to be a narco-corrido. A Mexican style music that tells stories of famous drug dealers.
  • tim3l0rd
    If anyone ever reads this from my old congregation, it'll give me away... I had my ringtone set to "The Devil Went Down To Georgia" and it went off once during the meeting. I turned 50 shades of red. I didn't live that one down for a while.
  • Simon
    It has to be a remote control fart box hidden somewhere near the platform
  • pontoon
    When a brother is giving a talk stand in the back and motion to him to zip up his fly.
  • OneEyedJoe
    Only thing I ever did was throw away the magazines in the bathroom. During the memorial I tossed a couple bibles and a bible teach book while I was at it. For the last 6 months I was going to meetings I probably threw away between 30 and 60 magazines per month.

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