Pranks to play in the hall...

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  • GrreatTeacher

    My old hall in the '70s had these awful plastic bushes on either side of the stage. They were tall and there were so many of them that it looked like a jungle.

    I took some Barbie dolls into the hall during cleaning night and posed them as if they were climbing up the trees in the jungle.

    The next morning for the Sunday meeting I kept my mouth shut, but soon you could see kids whispering and pointing. But, they were camouflaged enough that the elders didn't notice them before the meeting.

    Afterwards I managed to rescue them from their jungle expedition with the elders none the wiser, but the kids were laughing their asses off. It was th most fun they had at a meeting since....ever!

  • Dunedain

    I REALLY wish everyone, that is still going to meetings, would start putting monopoly money in the contribution boxes. Think about how EPIC that would be. As was seen in other threads, many of us here are from all over the world. If EVERYBODY started dropping fake monopoly money in contribution boxes all over the world, the GB would take "note".

    Cant you guys here it now, "brothers, we are increasingly receiving fake money in the contribution boxes, please STOP this, as it dis-pleases Jehovah, he likes his money to be REAL, thank you brothers".

    It would begin with local needs, in the "offending" congregations. Then as word would be getting out, that it is happening all over, talks and announcements would be done at circuit assemblies. The best being, of course, that we would be putting the same fake monopoly money, in the contribution boxes of the circuit assemblies, too.

    All kidding aside, this REALLY would be an awesome "message" to the GB, and local asshole Elders. Contribution boxes, ALL OVER THE WORLD, would send quite a message. It would drive these assholes, NUTS. Not only is it a "slap in their faces", but it would really be screwing them financially.

    Think about it folks, if thousands of us all did the same thing, and with the same monopoly money, that simple act would show a "united, underground message", that would be crossing borders, and the effect would be IMMENSE.

  • nonjwspouse

    A prank I have heard of, ( not in a KH but I think it's a good one if you really want to make a "stink".)

    if there are any hollow curtain rods in the hall, open one or more up, place sardines or equivalent inside. It will smell horrible, and it is doubtful anyone could figure out where it comes from.

  • wannaexit

    I ripped and crumpled all the "reserved" signs sitting at the back rows of the hall.



    Had this lily "white" family of Dutch / Afrikaner descent [this is South Africa] who would only sit on one side of the hall at the very back - so insistent was Mrs about sitting there that she would send hubby to the hall in advance of the meeting [he is an elder] to reserve the seats !

    So along comes ZE and son-of-ZE ...early cos as you know elders have to be at hall at least 20 minutes before time to start hounding...... and we move their bags to the front seats ! chaos ensues .Mrs E is so miffed she left the meeting!

    Next time - there were 4 interested young gents of Dark Hue attending and ZE and Son swopped their bags with that of Mrs E and co - chaos ensued - Mrs E immediately counselled the newly interested Dark folk about not swopping peoples bags .....fortunately they were very humble guys and took this in their stride !

    Needless to say some years later Mrs E's granddaughter gets knocked up by a ......................................that's right ! And now I am told Mrs E is the proudest, most un-racist Granma you can hope to find ! The baba btw is the cutest little chap imaginable !

  • James Mixon
    James Mixon

    Bring an extra set of of trousers and shoes, arrange them in the bath room stall

    as if someone is sitting there. Ok that may be a little to much but at the assembly, oh boy.

  • Question_Mans_interpretation
    The prank I always wanted to do was make paper airplanes during the meeting and then just soar them over everyone's heads.
  • LisaRose
    . If EVERYBODY started dropping fake monopoly money in contribution boxes all over the world, the GB would take "note".

    It would be even better if everyone wrote on the money:

    "Pedophile defence fund"

    "Governing body Fancy watch fund"

    "Contribution for the worldwide misinformation program"

    "Hush up money for child rape victims"

    "Governing Body luxury apartment fund"

  • WTWizard

    Once upon a time, one could change the CD in the player to something better (rap). Placing a copy of 50 Cent "The Massacre" in the player or in the place where the Kingdumb maladies are kept ensures someone to grab that CD and play it. These days, you would have to hack the MP3 system or even the stream they get from washtowel headquarters.

    If they have a computer with open Internet access, try going to this site:

    Once you are there, just leave it and let the monitor go into sleep mode. The next person using the computer will see the page, and may have their whole belief system shattered. Not just the jokehovian system, but the whole xian belief system and the LIE-ble itself. At best, you hope they will see the whole LIE-ble as full, not of mistakes, but of lies. At minimum, you will pxxx off the hounders, and they will not realize who went to that site--wasting psychic energy that should have been placed into the damnation of the whole human race and the congregation.

    I also advise downloading that site, and its parent site, into your device (if you have removable memory storage, put it on one of those sticks) and read it during the boasting session instead of the washtowel publication you are supposed to be reading. It will help you get through the boasting session (works great for those a$$emblies, too), plus anyone looking on will be exposed to the truth about the whole LIE-ble. Just be warned that anyone seeing this will narc on you to the hounders, and you will face judicial action (simply switching out the memory stick for one with the "proper" material during this investigation will waste even more of their time).

  • cognac
    Some of these are hilarious!

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