Jehovah's Witnesses Are Under Mind Control

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  • heathen

    justhuman-- exactly what are you saying here ? Do you think that a couple of images in the publications is all it would take for satan to subvert the mentalitiy of the organization and were they deliberately put there for that intent ? hmmmmmmmmmm most intriquing .

  • garybuss

    The're under body control. The Society wishes they had the power of mind control.

  • Mr. Kim
    Mr. Kim

    Most JWs need more to wake up!!!!!!!

  • minimus

    Mr. Kim, why are you on this board? It seems like you just enjoy making comments that have nothing to do with a subject. I think you get your jollies from this and I must admit I do find you sometimes amusing, but do you make such posts because you are trying to derail a serious thread?

  • heathen

    garybus--- I would think to control the body one must first control the mind as it is the mind that puts the body in motion . I think the first thing they do is use guilt and then the fear that armageddon is just around the corner to manipulate the people within the organization.

  • blacksheep

    The really sad thing is...they cannot help themselves.

  • lookinlively

    For 9 years I've heard how soandso didn't think I was the type to make it. Well - they could've saved me so much grief! I was in it for Jah, never for the people. I come, I go, I conquered the borg! I stay away because I no longer get spiritually upbuilt from even the platform - not because of the other life brother elder leads - but becuase it has become so hypocritical that I can't stomach it anymore. I've gone through hidding my true thoughts.

    People are in this org because it's the only place that garentees you friends if you follow the rules/fools.

    I had plenty of friends before - real friends. I've only had 1 "real" friend since.

    When do you return to normal??? I'm sick of the thinking twice BS

  • Lycurgus

    >The really sad thing is...they cannot help themselves. Actually they can and do help themselves.. I helped myself.. I take it you helped yourself.. This forum is full of people who got out.. I really wish I could "help them" but there is no amount of arguing, large or small, that is going to budge a staunch Witness mind. I had to make the choice. I had to do the work. No one else could've possibly influenced me when I was in. Witnesses are very proud because they believe they have it all figured out. They sincerely believe it. When someone "has it all figured out" they tend to become blind to external signs that indicate a need to examine things more closely. They become deaf because they are conditioned to not really analyze anything said by a "worldly person" or Siva forbid, an "Apostate"<gasps>. To them you are not a person. You are a potential Witness. Personally, I am so incredibly grateful for the 15 years that I was in the cult. Without all that time growing up in their prison, I wouldn't be who I am right now. I wouldn't have such great appreciation for dissent and sarcasm and honest communication were I not cut off from these things. I wouldn't so appreciate the fact that I don't have it all figured out. That I will never have it all figured out. That the mind can be dynamic, constantly changing it's ideas and beliefs. That I am not required by anyone to think a certain way. That I cannot be confined. For me, that's paradise. Shawn

  • proplog2

    Humans evolved as social beings. Therefore they are all highly sussceptible to group pressure. No one is immune or free of their milieu. Families, fraternal organizations, gangs, corporations, religious organizations, nations, military are all effective users of what is erroneously called "mind-control" .

    This is more anti-jw propaganda. There are pressures on this forum to conform to a certain viewpoint, too.

  • NeonMadman
    This is more anti-jw propaganda. There are pressures on this forum to conform to a certain viewpoint, too.

    Not in any way like they exist among JW's. This board is populated by everything from Catholics to atheists to wiccans to buddhists to (semi-)faithful JW's. Nobody is required to believe anything, and nobody gets kicked off the forum for disagreeing with someone else, as long as it's done in a civil manner. Unfortunately, that sort of freedom does not exist among JW's; if they openly disagree about even a minor point of doctrine, they risk having their whole lives torn away from them. That isn't simply "peer pressure," it's cultic oppression, and it is certainly a form of mind control. If you don't see any significant difference between the way that JW's enforce their teachings and practices, and normal social functioning of "families, fraternal organizations, gangs, corporations, religious organizations, nations, [and] military," then you are being deliberately naive.

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