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  • Diogenesister

    I don’t understand what the disbelief is all about we know the Watchtower has used members to smuggle literature and money for ages.

    Watchtower will not bat an eyelid when it comes to prioritising it’s needs over the law.

    And we certainly know that money is always their no.1 priority and has frequently put their members at risk of life and limb for far less (to them) than money.

  • fulano

    I give it one last try:

    My wife and I were missionaries for 9 years, we never heard of it, and missionaries know missionaries. I even knew some who served in Cuba, brother Ferrari, etc... Some serving with us who served when Nicaragua went under ban, I will not mention their name. Never ever heard of smugling money. Again...the society inverted a lot in missionaries, do you really believe they send money with them to smuggle to a country in their bags? This CO is a fool and a charlatan, and should be ashamed of himself.

    And the rest of this comments from people who has no clue, you should just not comment on this.

  • lastmanstanding

    Fulano. Hey, you knew Ferrari?

    My wife introduced him to me at a DC away back in the late 90’s.

    So, just because you were a mushroom missionary... that didn’t count for nada, and wasn’t used for squat, we should accept your view as the final word?

    Really. You think quite a lot of yourself sir.

    When you were a missionary did you know the Watchtower partnered with the UN ?

    Didn’t even one of your missionary friends tell you?

    I suppose I should forget what a very prominent CO related to me in person while sitting at my dinner table, because you said it never happened?

    A CO who himself served as a missionary...

    By the way, I ‘brought into the trooth’ a fella who is presently a missionary.

    There are several former missionaries now settled in my area for some time.

    I know many missionaries personally.

    They are as dumb as sticks. But you talk as if they are some kind of gods...

    One thing I know about missionaries, they think a lot of themselves. They believe themselves some kind of special.

    I never suggested that ALL missionaries are being loaded with cash, my friend. I am just telling you it is happening. And just because you personally were not invited to participate doesn’t mean a darn thing,

  • Dagney

    fulano - I had to check to see if we had PM'd before but I don't think so.

    I was in Nicaragua. I will pm you, wonder if it was the same time.

  • JeffT

    OK, so what is the purpose of hauling suitcases of money around the world?

  • fulano

    Sorry, I didnt mean to offend you Lastman.

  • lastmanstanding

    Fulano. Your sentiments are appreciated but not necessary. I am not offended.

    I just wrote what I felt.

    Be happy.

    As far as what the CO talked about to us, I was quite surprised. He never spoke to the purpose, but the intention was clearly to take an excessive amount of cash through customs without declaring it.

    It is a matter for speculation as to why. My own speculation based on what he said was that they had a definite purpose for the cash. And they didn’t want any interference.

    As far as being dumb as sticks. We all got involved In Watchtology. So some lumber upstairs seems to be a universal.

    I feel that the deeper into Watchtology one was, the thicker the lumber.

    But if we meet a good lumberjack we will be fine.

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