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    I’ve talked to “Missionaries” of other religions and smuggling $$$ is pretty commonplace.

    Why would true believing Dubs, who believe Satan rules the world and who believe that his hoards will soon attack be skittish about smuggling money? After all, the Governments are evil and the Dubs have angels protecting them.

    Just look at the GB who get away with everything.


  • JeffT

    I am disinclined to believe this for a simple reason: I can think of no good reason for the Watchtower to undertake this much risk. I know somebody is going to say they are laundering money from Kingdom Hall sales or hiding it from lawyers. Neither of those things are workable ideas. At some point the lawyers are going to start filing liens against Watchtower properties if they can't get their money any other way. And if they are laundering money, the government can seize Warwick through civil forfeiture.

  • lastmanstanding

    Jeff t

    You are disinclined to believe what?

    Are you suggesting that I made the whole thing up? That there was really no CO who related the account of a couple of missionaries who failed to declare a large sum of cash they were taking out of the country?

    Its a false narrative because your imagination is too narrow?

  • GLTirebiter

    Are you an actual witness of this? If so, tell your story to the authorities. If not, it's hear-say (that's the legal term for "gossip").

  • JeffT

    No I think its a false narrative because I'm a retired accountant and financial manager. I have no doubt some CO told you this story. I have lots of doubts that he knows what he's talking about.

    The described activities are not money laundering. Money laundering is used to disguise the fact that money is made illegally and/or to avoid taxes. What illegal activity is the WTBS engaged in that requires hiding the proceeds? Selling Kingdom halls is not illegal, its also impossible to hide the money since its a publically recorded transaction. The WTBS is a religious organization, as such it doesn't pay taxes on most activities, so they don't need to do that either.

    As I said, they could loose everything, why take the chance? I don't see a reward that justifies the risk of moving money around clandestinly. If I was on the GB and wanted to hide money earned from some nefarious activity (the definition of "money laundering", I'd just have somebody dump it in the donation boxes at a convention. It then becomes "cash donations" and its clean as a whistle.

  • fulano

    And even if so they wouldnt use missionaries for whom the society is completely responsable, safety, housing, getting residency in your assignment and health. So tell the CO he has no clue and try another story.

  • road to nowhere
    road to nowhere

    I have heard of money being transferred so it can be used in places where transfers will raise alarms. Do you think you can send money into China for a religion? I do not think it is the gazillions mentioned though. How about t gfe other direction?, like Russian assets being transferred out?

    As for assets. They must have full time lawyers keeping track of which corporation own what

  • rockemsockem

    I don't buy it all it would take is one getting caught and squealing on the cult and they would be in deep doo doo

  • fulano

    I have heard, I have been told, someone told me....

  • lastmanstanding

    Let’s see.

    The Watchtower Society sent representatives to the United Nations with the intention of partnering with them behind the backs of 7,000,000 followers.

    The Watchtower Society wrote and printed on their printing presses, articles praising the United Nations and its programs.

    They distributed these articles to every single of the 7,000,000 followers at the time and told them to read them all lest they lose salvation.

    They directed that all 7,000,000 followers present these articles to everyone on Earth (if they could).

    They then submitted these articles to the United Nations via their Department of Public Information at 801 First Ave, NY,NY to deceive them.

    They deceived the United Nations into believing that the Watchtower was their friend.

    They repeated this yearly for a decade until it was discovered and revealed by a reporter at The Guardian UK.

    They had their PR dude, Paul Gilles fabricate a letter to the editor of The Guardian and were told they were liars by the reporter Stephen Bates.

    They lied to and continue to lie to all 8,000,000 adherents.

    They disfellowship anyone who finds out and talks about it, destroying families, till this day.

    But it’s unbelievable that they might direct a missionary to bring a wad of cash home with them because some “accountant” ...going on about “money laundering”, which by the way was never suggested, said so?.?.?...

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