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  • fulano

    I wrote it, 4-5k. We received it from brothers. Read my story on my profile. Believe me CO's are overrated. And the society won't hand money to missionaries to smuggle, how on earth did you believe that. There are banks you know, or Western Union. And the very few that worked in countries under ban wouldnt have gotten the risk to get caught with lots of cash.

  • Simon

    The limits are per person, so a couple has double that amount to claim. I doubt anyone is being handed tens of thousands and if they were, they would not be taking it as cash because of the risk of losing it or being robbed (esp. in some countries).

    Just because something is said, doesn't make it true. The CO could just be some walter-mitty type who likes to make up tall tales.

  • fulano

    Any foreigner, missionary or not that takes these amounts, I mean lastman had to think in amounts of 20k+ , would be a lunatic. The amount of foreigners followed by thiefs from the AirPort and stripped up to their underware is huge. Some CO's like to be interesting and seeming to be in the incrowd. Some asked me for unique stories and experiences to be used in their final parts on the CA's. Which one did of course.

  • George One Time
    George One Time

    I know of brothers who smuggled money from a European branch office to the Russian branch when they went for a visit. It was not allowed for Russian witnesses to be funded with foreign money

  • fulano

    That is different case. My uncle did that with literature in the seventies to Spain when it was under ban. But he was not a missionary assigned to Spain .

  • stillin

    American dollars are embedded with a strip which can be scanned, whether it's in the lining of a suitcase or in your pocket. They are counting your money as you pass through security.

  • lastmanstanding

    The limits are not per person as some have suggested. Reading from the USA and Canada Customs sites makes that clear.

    I gave a link already and the info there is clear for anyone to read who is willing to do the reading.

    If you plan to smuggle $9000 and your traveling companion wants to bring $2000 then you are over the limit. You would have to travel separately. Way separately. Do not book flights together and do not sit together and do not have the same last name.

    Just because half the money is in your wife’s suitcase and half is in yours doesn’t get you off the hook.

    Else, declare the money.

    The proof of what I write is abundant.

    As far as ‘being a fool’ for believing what the CO said, as Ful insinuates, the CO was well embedded in ‘Watchtology’, as I now call it, and he gave all the details of, which missionaries it was, where they were traveling and the amounts, as well as how the booty was hidden. He told about how Customs officers searched the bags but missed the money.

    And as I expressed in an earlier post, he had information about what I did to the Borg, though he didn’t know it was I who did it. That demonstrates to me that he was well imbedded.

  • dropoffyourkeylee

    The missionaries I know (my own family members) usually get several thousand dollars while they are in the US, either by working or gifts, but they don't carry the cash back to their assignment. They put it in US bank accounts and access it by electronic means. I don't know in what context the O.P. was speaking of, but it is not what I have seen.

  • LV101

    lastman - very interesting. I like 'Watchtology'.

    I doubt JWs would stand out as flashy, more toned down -- less inclined to attract thiefs/gypsies and blend in with the natives especially returning with their loot, but still risky. I've been on 3 out of country trips that someone was robbed of their wallet/money and luggage - everything -- not good.

  • scruffmcbuff

    Drug smugglers in england get money to spain electronicaly without issue. If some gangster can do it from his iphone in birmingham im sure the borg can manage it too.

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