If you speak against the Governing Body you will be punished.

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  • FedUpJW

    'Do you accept the governing body are the faithful and discreet slave that Jesus spoke about, and do you believe God is using them as his channel to dispense spiritual food'

    I've been asked that a number of times recently, though not in any "formal" meeting. I suffer from (selective) hard hearing, so I cannot answer a question that I do not "hear".

  • FedUpJW

    Speaking against the GB is worse than speaking against God.

    That's because one is only God, and the other calls themselves G.O.D.

  • LongHairGal


    If anybody came up to me and asked me that GB question I’d tell them to get the hell away from me.

    They can surmise whatever from that answer.

  • newsheep

    PunkOfNice I am doing quite well, thank you. Just went to Toronto for my scan and will see what's up and then next month for MRI.

    Right now we know of an elderly couple in their eighty's who never believed some of the org's doctrines but after the hall sell offs across Canada he was mad. We told him it was going to happen back in 2012 and he figured he wouldn't see it in his life time but he did. Then we started sharing everything from here and other sites with him.

    He went back to his mennonite church. He told different elders and publishers that he was going to a new church.. One elder asked if he wanted to be df'd and he said if they do then he'll go to another church. Last week he had two elders come and see him at home and he figured since they left his place on good terms that made him happy. Not so. Two elders are coming to his home this Friday to try and stop him from going to church.

    He was out in service two weeks ago and mentioned in front of an elder at one of his calls that he thinks Adam will be resurrected. As soon as they got back to the hall he was hauled into the second school room with two more elders waiting to discuss what happened. They told him he is not allowed to go out in service anymore since he is corrupting the car group and the people at the doors.

    Here's the kicker. Every Thursday night at the hall he teaches his language which is Pennsylvania Dutch to a group of elders and publishers. The only reason they sit in on this is because they get to count four hours of not learning a dam thing. If you were to ask any of them to put a sentence together they maybe be able to say Hi how are you but that's it. None of them would ever go to the doors but ride in the back seat and let others do their return visits. PunkOfNice you have visited this area when you come to stay with your daughter here in Toronto. And you well know that all the mennonites in this area speak english.

    My question for the lame brain elders are if you know this couple can't be trusted at the doors or in a car group then why in the world could you ever trust them not to teach you the wrong words? Maybe words like this religion is a cult! And is this why they won't disfellowship this couple because the elders and publishers get to count their time? Or are the elders afraid that their community which is eighty percent mennonites will find out what the witnesses are all about? Too late for this couple have been for years been handing written letters to the householders stating what is wrong with the religion. Right in front of the elders that would be standing with him each time he did this right under their noses literally.

    This Friday is going to probably be the last meeting since he is going to tell them three things he doesn't like and then tell them three strikes and they are out! He already said he wasn't going to go to his judicial meeting if they call him in. They love the church they are attending and have lots of fun with the people there. No one is fake. Even some of his relatives that he had to shun are there and are happy that he is out. These elders actually got a hold of his son to try and talk some sense into him to go back to the meeting but his hall was sold as well as this couples. People are waking up finally.

  • Moster

    if a JW begins to have doubts about God and/or the Bible, he is viewed as being weak and is to be helped. However, if he begins to have doubts about the GB, it's off with his head.

    Speaking against the GB is worse than speaking against God."

    well put Magnum - well put.

  • eyeuse2badub

    So if you speak against the gb, you'll likely go to hell?

    If you speak favorably about the gb you're already in hell!

    just saying!

  • Diogenesister

    Blues Bro I have no issue with those kind of dubs👏🏾

    Punky I understand how hard it is (as an agnostic) to get one you love or care about with cancer to think for them self, yet not take away a faith that gives them comfort or strength; especially if there’s no hope of a cure.

    If you have Ray Franz book you could show them the part in Revelation where it plainly states the great crowd is in the “Naos”( the Holy of Holies...in other words Heaven). There’s a great channel on You tube called “Witness for Jesus”, she’s an exjw with very in-depth knowledge who is also having treatment for cancer and is the mother of a young child.

    By the way...“Pimi- lite” 👏🏾👏🏾👍🏼🤣😂😂 another exJW acronym to add to the list!!

  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut
    The thing that angered me was that this person has Cancer. (I won't give any more info), and is now worried that this is because they do not believe the GB(piss be upon them), represent anything Biblical.
    Remind that person that Nathan Knorr was diagnosed with cancer while he was the President of the WTBS so if the GB members themselves can get cancer, why would this persons cancer be a punishment from God for not believing in the Governing Body?
  • Vidiot

    Know who else punishes people for "speaking against the leadership"?

    North Korea.

  • Vidiot

    "Do you accept the governing body are the faithful and discreet slave that Jesus spoke about, and do you believe God is using them as his channel to dispense spiritual food?"

    At this point in the game, everything is about maintaining that fiction, because if it's not true, there's virtually no incentive to even be a member.

    And without a membership... a "Great Crowd"...

    ...the WTS is nothing.

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