If you speak against the Governing Body you will be punished.

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  • WTWizard

    "If you rebel against god, then tomorrow it will be indignant against the entire assembly of israel (small letters intended)."

    What about all the misery Israel has inflicted on everyone else? We had a big energy crisis in late 1973, because the United Tyranny of Stupidity went and provided help for Israel. This help was to shield Israel from the consequences of an attack on the USS Liberty in 1967, and for lying about it (one of the crew on that ship blabbed about the attack, and still Israel lied about it). And, what about exterminating Palestine, for no good reason?

    And what about that, even in the bible, Israel moved into a nation and exterminated it because they obeyed, not Israel's laws, but their own and nature's? That whole bible constantly puts Israel as owning the whole earth--right down to Revelation where they actually take possession of it. Israel, and joke-hova, stole Palestine's land and destroyed everyone and everything therein through subversion. Just as they are doing today, using subversion to take control of the whole world and blame Satan for it. Why would one not hate them for this?

    And yes, I hate their father joke-hova. I actually worship the sun on purpose--that was what Christmas was originally, in the name of Yule. And, I have done things that rebel against this nature-hating, human-hating reptilian ruler that is doing all it can to enslave the whole world. I got rid of my bibles--unless, that is, there are still one or more unaccounted for (and, if I find one, I will ruin it and throw it away, too). To give joke-hova a bigger slap in the face, I am trying to learn German instead of Spanish or Hebrew. That way, if any of them or another xian religious idiot tries preaching to me, I will simply reply in German that I am not interested, and why. (Not to mention, German is almost non-existent where I live--making it useless for preaching in territory.)

    And I hate the whole backward Hebrew language. The letters look ugly--and not just because they are strange (I have seen Greek, Russian, and Sanskrit letters. Even though I don't know most of them, I could get used to them in the event that such languages became mainstream enough. I can not get used to Hebrew.) The meanings of many words in Hebrew have been twisted and corrupted--which is even worse. "Satan" in Hebrew means "adversary". In the much older Sanskrit, it means "truth". The truth is only an adversary to those who depend on lies to exist. And I have no respect for any demographic that depends on lies and imposing lies on us all to exist.

    Down with joke-hova! Down with the whole bible!

  • punkofnice

    I spoke to the PIMI-Lite and I think they're kind of over the stupid comment now. It was due to many of your comments that I was able to frame a good argument against the GovBod (piss be upon them).

    So, thank you all.

    Go leafs! (I think)

  • LoveUniHateExams

    Just look at this face ...

    Image result for stephen lett funny face

    Who could speak against this guy?

  • punkofnice
    Luhe - Who could speak against this guy?

    Just give me a cattle prod..............

  • LV101

    Don't know which 'G Goon' that is in photo but he's flyin' high on high-rise, country-club, livin', designer suits, luxurious vacays, off-shore accts., etc.

  • punkofnice
    If you speak against the Governing Body you will be punished.

    So, whatever happened to Jesus dying for your sins? I presume it didn't work.

  • road to nowhere
    road to nowhere

    I am not rebelling against god. There may be some who do and put themselves ( and OPINIONS) in his place

  • StephaneLaliberte

    That is among the reasons I left. Would anyone be called a christian if he did not accept any critism? Worst, if he than seeked to persecute anyone who said anything negative about him? Of course not. Then why should the GB be held to a different standard?

  • Phizzy

    Christians are supposed to be ruled over by Christ. The old adage applies " See who you cannot criticise, and you will see who rules over you".

    The Governing Body have claimed the place that should belong only to Christ.

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