Austria Begins Closing Mosques and Deporting Imams

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  • cofty

    For fucks sake stop being so lazy and pedantic.

    My OP is a summary of a news report from Reuters for which I provided a link.

    The phrase 'positive fundamental view towards state and society' that you are making such a fuss about is cited in the article. When you made a point about the phrase it took me about 3 minutes to go to the Austrian Government website, find the 'Islam Law' and get the context which you could have done for yourself.

    The OP has nothing to do with the Watchtower.

  • Diogenesister

    If it is truly worded as OP describes, then it is a badly drawn up/framed law.

    Naturally there is no moral equivalency between what radical imams prescribe and the sentiments Watchtower encourages in the flock (which harm jw's more than anyone).

    But I agree the govt may find itself in difficulty if lawyers - appealing their clients deportation - throw a few choice Watchtowers at the Austrian immigration service and claim they are being singled out!

  • TD

    Patience in both Germany and Austria seems to be running out.

    They have been most gracious, but that hospitality was extended with the expectation that refugees would assimilate.

  • Simon

    Australia just seems to get shit done and no messing about. I believe Norway has also just banned burqas and niqabs in schools.

    Countries either wise up and change or they get overrun and EVERY country will come to this conclusion at some point. The only question is how many of their citizens they are prepared to sacrifice at the alter of political correctness in the name of diversity before they realize that many of these people have no intention of assimilating into the host country, they are there to take advantage in the short term and take over in the long term.

  • _Morpheus

    You got that backwards. Ny dosent send money to ANYONE for ANY REASON. Thats a one way street my friend ;)

  • _Morpheus
    Out of curiosity, why would you say germany is running out patience? Merkle has welcomed the islamists...
  • silentbuddha

    Islam is an arab, not a european religion. Its teachings run counter to european / wester. Culture and is therefore not good for european values.

    Islam should stay in the middle east.

  • _Morpheus

    I would suggest the middle east would be better off without islam as well.

  • lastmanstanding

    It is hard to say that the Watchtower religion is “positive to.... society” when they teach, from door to door, that you must refuse blood therapies and die.

    It is hard to say that also because they teach, form door to door, that it is a sin to donate blood, a sin to store blood, a sin to process blood into fractions, and then to hypocritically teach it’s own members that it is okay to partake of the products of the donation, storage, and processing of blood into the fractions that they hypocritically line up at hospital to gorge on.

    Very positive.

    Oh, and I didn’t mention the teaching that you must forgo education, and listen to only the Watchtower broadcasts.

  • silentbuddha

    Sure theybwould... but I would rather it be kept in the place of its origin where many people are fine living under that repression instead of propagating ot to lands where it is not a cultural fit.

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