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  • Diogenesister
    Rocket Man To suggest that governments are trying to redundantly and inappropriately impose fear by lock downs, social restrictions and mask wearing is really missing both the intent and point.

    Yes If someone could explain what possible advantage a government would have for instigating all this.

    ALL governments, by the way. Who fail to agree on anything; usually, with one accord decide to place fear in the hearts of their populace, drive apart families, close businesses and cause a financial downturn which will likely ensure they themselves are voted OUT in the next election.

    Asking for a friend ....


    One or two virologists.... Again, you know this because??


  • pistolpete

    Yes If someone could explain what possible advantage a government would have for instigating all this.

    Studying how America handled the Covid virus tells us a lot about Government. America is comprised of 50 individual Sovereign States. Each with its own State Legislature. Under the terms of Article V of the U.S. Constitution, State lawmakers retain the power to ratify Constitutional amendments which have been proposed by both houses of Congress. Which include lockdown laws.

    Each State can also form their own laws that differ from the other States. A good example of this is Gun law. In some States like New York, California, Chicago, it’s almost impossible for a citizen to have a carry permit for a Gun. In other States like Texas, Florida, Arizona, it easy for a citizen to have a carry permit and own a Gun.

    Each State has their own Governor that acts sort of like the President of the USA.

    If a person with a legal carry permit in Texas drives to New York where it is illegal to have a carry permit, that person can go to prison for a long time, because the Governor in New York is like a dictator whereas the Governor in Texas is not, and both States haves their own Sovereignty with their different set of laws.

    When Covid appeared in 2020, the World went crazy. Reason being is that all the medical experts were contradicting each other. Some were saying this and others were saying that about the virus. In other words—they were being “Human” which basically means---they know very little----including the experts-------but act like they know everything.--------Sort of like the Governing Body of jws.

    Government Knows even less. So each Government of each State had to calculate and reason which expert sounded like he knew what he was talking about and apply that idea to his own Personal State that he governed.

    Some State Governors studied the case and Others Governors didn’t study the case and choose to go by their instincts.

    Some Governors like Governor Cuomo of New York felt like the best thing to do was lock up all the elderly together in nursing homes. Surprise thousands of elderly died.

    Governor Gavin Newson of California decided to go to extremes and lock down everything and made sure anyone, including one lone surfer miles out in the sea, and by himself be arrested for breaking his laws on lock down. Governor Newson and his family were exempted of course from any lock down.

    What you said is actually happening in many Democratic States. Many of these State Governments are being recalled and replaced with other Government

    usually, with one accord decide to place fear in the hearts of their populace, drive apart families, close businesses and cause a financial downturn which will likely ensure they themselves are voted OUT in the next election.

    On the other hand there were many States that decided not to go to extremes in locking down the State. Instead they decided to open up the economy, and warn the elderly and those with medical condition that they were at risk and needed to isolate themselves from everyone and make arrangements for food and other necessities.

    One Governor that did this was in Florida and his State is prospering to the extreme. He has even filed several lawsuits against the Federal Government for certain lockdowns.

    So the lock down and fear by some Governors is because they are ignorant, or stupid, or power hungry, or just plain crazy and like to see people suffer.

    Other States were fortunate to have a Governor that choose no lock downs. Some of those States had less deaths than those who did lock down the entire State.

    Others had the same death as those who did lock down their entire State but their economy didn’t crash.

    Here is the thing I learned. Don’t live in a State where your Governor is stupid, ignorant, power hungry, or just plain crazy, because it could cost you-your life or your livelihood.

    So all these lock downs were not planned, but some individuals are using it as an opportunity to enrich themselves and want to continue the lock-down.

    Example; I have a store that sell groceries and other needed household items, you and a thousand others have as brick and mortar store that sell groceries too. The Governor is my brother or close friend. I tell my brother that if he locks down all the one thousand stores for a year or three, then all the customers that bought groceries from those stores have no choice now but to buy at my store, and my profits will ZOOM!!!!

    I promise my brother 40% of the profits if he keeps the lock down for as long as possible resulting in both of us becoming RICH when the hysteria is over. In other words----keep pushing the fear to the masses.

    What incentive do you see here for the lock-down and certain stores that continue to remain open.

    (Walmart, Amazon, etc.)

    And who keeps the thousands of homes that have defaulted because both husband and wife lost their jobs because of the lock down.(Banks)

    And who made around 26 billion in profits in 2020 because of covid. (You know the vaccines were not free)


  • Rocketman123

    Those evil worldly governments , the JWS were right.

    One last comment from me on this thread topic..

    There one other thing to be realize based upon factual evidence is that 10% of people who have contacted the Covid virus have produced long term side effects.

    Not a nice thing to experience I'm sure.

    There were some mistakes made by certain localized governments but then again what experience did these officials have to use as planned textbook of controlling an assuming deadly virus pandemic ?

    The information they received was infused with ignorance as well during this pandemic.

  • Vidqun
  • Vidqun

    This would be a good PS to your video. Planned and executed. Well done, Mr. Gates.

  • Vidqun

    I’ve felt from the beginning that the whole, “Get vaccinated for herd immunity” is a lie. That’s just based on common sense/the history of humanity. If no herd immunity can exist without vaccines, then there must never have been any serious viral threats since the dawn of man, otherwise we couldn’t be here as we couldn’t reach herd immunity because smarty-pants Scientists didn’t exist to invent vaccines....🤔

    Thankfully even the Mainstream media ( takes them about a year to catch up ) is discussing how individuals who meet a given virus and win have immunity, especially T-cell immunity which is also finally being discussed.

    The media has been repeating “Antibodies, Antibodies!!!” ad-naseum and trying to link a passage of time to less antibodies which require “booster shots” ( Bill Gates rubbing his hands 😈) as your immunity will supposedly wear off. Lol. Meanwhile T-cells/T-cell immunity, the real fighters when dealing with tiny viruses have been know for decades.

    DD 🙄

  • Rocketman123

    So then your saying the efforts by the governments and their imposed social restrictions were ill though out and they should have never taken place ?.

    So lets say for example if there wasn't any in the US and there were now 1 million who died from the virus, you would be good with that DD ?


    Yes. That’s exactly what I’m saying. Also, I don’t recall ever saying I’m “Ok” with anyone dying.

    How anyone is ok with Big Pharma and the Governments being in bed with each other and providing zero incentives for citizens to practice prevention and healthy lifestyles is beyond me.

    What’s a major co-morbidity for any respiratory infection? Obesity. That’s just one health issue that can be aggressively targeted by our caring officials if they want to serve their fellow citizens. Of course any success in that area means less stress on the healthcare system but also less $$$ for Big Pharma.


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