Watch this, and don’t shoot the messenger...

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    We will NEVER be free of Corona viruses, ever... I bet you we will all come into contact with viruses that are never categorized. You get the sniffles one day, you think you have allergies, you think you have a cold… Etc. You move on.

    The whole state of affairs over the last year all comes town to Corporate greed, Government overreach, Media propaganda and the politicizing of healthcare AND..... just maybe... Eugenics.

    It’s sad that people die, like the Elderly who may have died no matter what, but plenty would have lived who died after being crammed into nursing homes. Talk about a death trap..

    Many older folks are fine, they just stayed home and their families decided to limit contact just in case, nothing wrong with that. We didn’t need insane lockdowns.

    Many older ones got Covid and were fine, even though their chances of death were higher as in all things once you get old. Again, no need for draconian lockdowns, Covid Police, or killing small businesses. Certainly no need to give children who have a near ZERO chance of death an untested “vaccine.”

    Again, it’s greed, propaganda, politics, and Nanny State BS.

    If our Governments actually functioned as servants and Corporations/ Media were kept in check then we have plenty of technology and resources to manage our population with healthcare that blends natural methods with Science. There’s no need for an imbalance or Eugenics. That stems from greed.

    Whether you believe in a Creator that used Evolution, or Evolution alone, we came up with the natural world and we are tied to it, and everything we need is here, we just have to manage it and not let the FDA and Big Pharma run the show. These are the same idiots that tried to outlaw ALL supplements. Thank goodness they were battled in the courts in the USA.


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