WTS checklist for Elders to destroy evidence?

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  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim

    Hmm. If this is true, it is very disturbing. Did you know that destroying evidence which is admissible in court is a criminal offense.

    If elders are knowingly destroying evidence which is admissible as evidence they are technically committing a criminal offense. They are just as indictable for destroying evidence.

    ;We all must be ready to obey instructions we may receive whether they seem strategic from a human standpoint or not;

    That statement I guess applies to EVERYTHING, even going above the law, to obey instructions that trump the Law of the Courts, the REAL Judicial system. WOW!!!

  • Sabin
    They will tell all the rank & file JW's that Jehovah is protecting them (his org) & they will all believe it. I don't know why anybody would find this surprising anymore they are so corrupt. When most people see the $ sign all morals go out of the window. Destroying documents, HA they have been doing that for years there is no way they will ever hold their hands up to any kind of responsibility for the crimes they commit. Snakes in suits. Lets hope any elders who are even mildly decent will not only keep records but will also try to obtain others & pass them on anonymously to the authorities.
  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim

    I know that elders go on all-weekend courses to condition them for situations like these. They are shown videos and demonstrations to control their thoughts when these things like **destroying documents** come up.

    They really do feel that they are the blessed-ones and above the Law. Remember the Borg is very cleverly cunning on mind control, even such when it comes to **obeying the Borg** over the Law of the Courts.

    Even every JW feels the same way. They believe when that pipe dream of the World Governments shuts down religion, that the preaching work should continue. That is how every JW thinks from a very indoctrinated age, and I just cannot see any Elder being different. Perhaps even MORE SO, indoctrinated!!!

  • konceptual99

    As much as it irks me to say this, suggesting there is evidence admissible in court that is being destroyed or that an audit instruction is actually a mass cover up is over egging the pudding.

    If the elders were destroying paperwork that they were required to keep by law (e.g. financial information related to records required by the Charities Act) then this would be something that may result in court action.

    Take a more pertinent example however - an allegation of child abuse. There are no records that the elders are required to keep by law. What is the evidence that is being destroyed? There may be questions asked about the position & actions of the elder and the organisation but in itself I am not aware that any criminal act would have been committed. What could cause a criminal problem is if an elder lied under oath, perhaps denying an allegation had been made. A criminal investigation could also occur if the authorities thought there was a systematic cover up of known abuse to protect individuals or the organisation. Another potentially criminal act would be for an elder to destroy real evidence of a crime (e.g. some photos). The elders in the UK are not under any mandatory reporting legislation therefore there is nothing they are required to do or keep hold of that would constitute a breach of such legislation were they to fail to act or keep certain documentation.

    The fundamental intent of the WTS in it's instructions to UK elders is two fold. Firstly, it is to keep the amount and type of information held about individuals to an absolute minimum, especially where some kind of judicial matter is concerned. They do not want individuals making data access requests, getting hold of the musings and opinions of elders and then using that in a civil case against the congregation.

    Secondly they want to keep any data that may be used in a situation such as the Royal Commission to an absolute administrative minimum. So, for example, a "known" child abuser would have sufficient information held to indicate to the authorities a measure of due diligence but not enough that would give an alleged abuser an opportunity to bring some case against the congregation.

    The important factor here is the motivation behind what information the elders are asked to keep and how they are asked to store it. They don't want some ill considered comments in a document written by a dunder headed elder coming back to bite them on the arse. There could full well be wider implications should something like a Commission or Tax Enquiry take an interest and this will be in the WTS' minds.

    I would love to know what the latest instructions are to the elders on record keeping as it is this that will betray the real methods that the WTS is using to cover it's arse for every eventuality.

  • KiddingMe
    No Apologies- I apologize, I mistakenly clicked the "dislike" button while I was scrolling my acreen.
  • Vidiot

    Par for the course.

    Even if it isn't actionable, it still doesn't paint them in a positive light.

    But then, what does, these days?

  • Vidiot

    KiddingMe - "No Apologies - I apologize..."

  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim

    I know if I was an elder per se, and I was instructed to destroy evidence, that would bother me and make me feel bad. I would be doing something like this the rank and file would not know about. I would be doing something behind the rank and file back(s), whom the people I thought was shepparding, looking after and befriending.

    That is how I guess it would feel wrong.

  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim

    Just have to throw this out there.

    In the movie Erin Brokovich, when Julia Roberts(Erin Brokovich) is starting her research on the **chromium** which is contaminating the town water supply. Erin is asking people around the town, faculties about the **chromium**.

    Someone speaks up and gives her advice **I would not advertise what I was looking for. Evidence tends to disappear when people can smell trouble**. Something along those lines.

    Similar things seem to be happening.

  • the girl next door

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