WTS checklist for Elders to destroy evidence?

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  • iwasblind
    I just logged in and searched and found nothing like this checklist in the jw portal.
  • stuckinarut2

    So does this mean that there are no records with identifying means such as names kept in the congregation filing cabinet?

  • Atlantis

    Mad Sweeney:

    You have a pm! (I will be happy to add to your PDF file so that it is about 13,000 pages instead of the 10,000 pages you now have). The file we have is over a gigabyte and difficult to upload. We can talk about it in a pm.


  • sir82

    That's crazy! Written instructions from "mother" to destroy meeting notes?

    Nothing like that is in effect in the US (yet).

  • truthlover123

    Is this instruction related to ARC? There was heavy fire in Australia especially when they went back several years re a certain guy who was a known child molester...they had the records there, I thought the UK was going to set up their own Royal Commission in the future? and if so, material from years past would put the nail in their coffin in the UK

  • freddo

    Listen up people. Ex UK elder here. Ex service committee before and after year 2000.


    UK has a data protection law. JW's complied with it. Over the top in fact.

    Around 2000/2001 all congregation judicial records (envelopes) EXCEPT child molestation stuff was to be destroyed by the service committee and replaced with a specialised shepherding file which lists:

    Name of 3 elders on case/date/name of individual/ and reproved or DFD/DA'd in file. No details kept.

    Child molestation stuff was sent to the branch in its entirety and a separate child protection file was kept by the secretary with basic details of the case. In theory accessible to ALL elders.

    I last SAW these files as an elder when I resigned a few years ago.

    Every year the elders got a reminder to do an audit like the checklist shown. The service committee was responsible to do it. Ongoing child molestation stuff was not destroyed but sent to the branch and basic details kept on the congregation child protection file. Each elder had to destroy anything he "inadvertently" kept e.g. his personal notes from any judicial he dealt with.

    NOTHING NEW to see here.

  • konceptual99

    Once again, this type of instruction has been made to UK BoEs in the past in order to, at least on the surface, ensure compliance with the DPA. There may, of course, be a reason other than purely the passage of time for a written instruction now.

    The real story, if indeed there is one, is in the detail of the instructions on what should be recorded and how.

  • konceptual99
    Sorry Freddo - I took about an hour between starting my post and finishing it. You have hit the nail on the head.
  • PlatinumFix

    Since studying a Professional Ethics module I found out that anyone can request any information an Organization/Company held about them personally inline with the Data Protection Act. If they fail to comply a complaint can be raised with the Information Commissioners Office.

    This should also apply to congregations but I wonder if you were to request what letters were held about you from the publisher record what information you would get back. Probably nothing if they are destroying data.

  • slimboyfat
    Even when I was just the literature servant I remember getting the new booklet for literature servants and receiving solemn instruction to "destroy" the previous booklet forthwith. Under no circumstances was the old booklet to be retained. They are control freaks, always have been.

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