WTS checklist for Elders to destroy evidence?

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    Quite disturbing to see that the headquarters ordered the elders to destroy practically all files and data from elders' meetings and judicial committee meetings, only leaving brief descriptions of the cases in the congregations file that probably have little use in police investigations.

    Not a surprise though after the case in Australia. I am afraid that the outcome may be similar that it was in Australia.

    Just hoping that the elders involved in the meetings of child sex abuse incidents have a conscience and heart not to destroy evidence if they have it, for the sake of children.

    But because of little hope of above I sent a little information anonymously to the UK police at crimestoppers online service:

    " Please can you describe the criminal activity / incident / person(s)?

    In United Kingdom there are investigation coming on Jehovah's Witnesses conserning child sex abuses and how they are handled by the congregation elders. It is investigated whether the organization systemically instructs local congregations not to report child sex abuse incidents to law enforcement authorities and 'investigates' them only inside the congregation (it might be a follow-up from a trail at Australia where it was found that about 1000 cases of child sexual molestation was covered by the organization).

    About two weeks ago a letter that the organization headquarters sent to UK Jehovah's witnesses' congregation elders leaked to public that was about destroying documents and files. It was mentioned that each elder must destroy him personal records, notes and the agendas and minutes of their meetings and correspondence that refer to particular individuals. Link: http://imgur.com/MeHZxCW or http://wwwb.fileflyer.com/view/aLIIrA5

    The organization may claim that the above must be done because of EU data protection/privacy directives or other reasons, but it seems obvious that these actions are used to get rid of legal consequences and to avoid the case that happened in Australia."



    Everybody who have any information that could be useful in the investigation that is coming to place in the UK, could do a good work and help the investigators by sending them information/hints. Lets help them to sort it out!

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