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  • AverageJoe1

    Tired of listening to your local elders giving the "special" talk ever year after the Memorial? Well don't worry, as of next year we will be spicing things up for your enjoyment.

    Not only will we be having the talk before the Memorial (I know, wild huh), but we will be treating you to the talk via video starring our famous speakers from Bethel so you can see how a talk should be given (after all Bethel does boast the best speakers in any country, right?!)

    Here's a copy of the text from our latest letter as I'm sure that with so much excitement you won't believe it at first!

    September 18, 2017

    TO ALL CONGREGATIONS Re: 2018 Memorial and Special Talk

    Dear Brothers:

    On Saturday evening, March 31, 2018, we will gather to observe the Lord’s Evening Meal. (Luke 22:19) To generate enthusiasm for the Memorial, the special public talk, entitled “Who Really Is Jesus Christ?,” will be presented one week before the Memorial, during the week of March 19, 2018. Congregations that have an assembly or the visit of the circuit overseer the week of March 19 will have the special talk one week earlier. Most congregations will view a talk that has been prerecorded by the branch office, and in many cases, given by a member of the Branch Committee. We hope this advance notice will be helpful to you in preparing for these important events. Your brothers,

    Page 2 PS to bodies of elders:

    Please arrange for this letter to be read to the congregation at the first midweek meeting after its receipt. Thereafter, it should be posted on the information board. However, this postscript should neither be read to the congregation nor be posted on the information board.

    In preparation for the 2018 Memorial, please review the direction on selecting a Memorial speaker and selecting Memorial meeting times found in the February 13, 2017, letter to all bodies of elders.

    The prerecorded special talk will be available on JW Stream about one month prior to the week it is to be presented. Please assign an elder or a ministerial servant to download the prerecorded talk from JW Stream (using his jw.org credentials) several weeks before the congregation is scheduled to view it. Since there may be multiple recordings available in the same language, in early 2018 the branch office will inform groups and congregations which recording they should use. If possible, a backup speaker should be assigned in case of technical problems with the recording. If a congregation or group does not have the necessary equipment to view the recording or if the recording is not available in the language of the congregation or group, the body of elders should assign a qualified speaker to give the talk in the usual manner.

    Since the speaker in the video recording will demonstrate how to develop an outline and effectively teach from it, each elder and ministerial servant who serves as a public speaker should carefully review the special talk outline, the Ministry School book, pages 52-55, and Reminders for Those Assigned Public Talks (S-141) before the talk is presented in the congregation. During the presentation, analyse how the speaker draws attention to the theme, how he uses the Bible as the basis for his talk, and how he teaches directly from the Scriptures. Also, observe how the speaker applies some of the teaching methods that will be discussed in the Kingdom Ministry School for the 2018 service year. The coordinator of the body of elders should ensure that any ministerial servant who serves as a public speaker is made aware of this direction and has access to a copy of the outline.

  • pimojw

    I feel sorry for the poor brothers assigned to do this talk in each branch territory. The pressure to do a "model public talk" will be huge! On jwstreaming, the quality of teaching at meetings/assemblies etc. is appalling, and all elders admit that. It is not supposed to be a special example to follow. This Special talk however is being held up in advance as a model to follow!

  • AverageJoe1

    Most of our speakers here in Spain that appear on the Streaming are DIRE! Nice to see a fellow PIMO on here, by the way.

  • ToesUp

    "Don't forget to hit the donate button after you view." lol

  • ttdtt

    pimojw - don't feel sorry for them.

    This is NOT an instrument to make better speakers of the many elders who can barely put a correct sentence together.

    This is the next step in REDUCING the speaking and teaching role of elders that started when the Book Study was taken out of homes. Since then, less and less is asked of elders when it comes to public speaking.

    It is a bait and switch, much like "we are eliminating the RBC because we need SO MANY new KHs"

  • Room 215
    Room 215

    Increased centralization of authority and an ever-diminishing sense of autonomy at the grass-roots level , reducing the role of locals in dispensing "spiritual food" in favor of video presentations from the Mother Ship, is bound to increase the growing sense of alienation in the ranks.

  • pimojw

    i agree with your comments about the purpose behind the video talk

    i still feel sorry for them (i was one)! most brothers are not bad or evil, they are deluded and probably struggling with their own doubts too. the pressure on those in senior positions is intense (emotionally) and they often crack up (some take their lives). we dont need to blame them all. franz had it right in his CoC book (which i read probably 20 years ago) when he described them as being deluded but well intentioned. nowadays, i think some of those at the very top (GB/helpers) probably know exactly what they are doing, and this doesnt apply. but most, even that high up are sincere

  • carla

    Do you think at one time they will eliminate all speakers and the meeting will consist of just watching videos from the gb? essentially they will all get together at a kh to watch tv together and the elders will just be for df-ing and paperwork?

  • pale.emperor

    They do seem to be cutting back on the number of live talks and demos. Remember the dramas in the conventions? Dont see them anymore either.

    Here's hoping it'll fizzle into an internet televangelist religion like so many on TV asking for donations and selling bible courses for a "love gift donation of $49"

  • Diogenesister

    It's because they're probably getting too many invited guests (although " many" is a relative term when talking about jw guests) freaking out at the " rejection of the emblems" ceremony before they "understand" the idea behind it ( again "understand" is a relative term when it comes to etc etc.....you get the picture)

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