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  • pale.emperor

    The 'Kingdom Ministry School' is the 'school' for elders/ms's - see Drearyweather's post above.

    The 'Theocratic Ministry School' is the weekly congregation 'school' which became included within the CLAM meeting.

    What am i thinking of? Where they just dropped the number 3 talks entirely?

  • joe134cd

    This is for someone who may read this in 50 years time;

    Everything will be streamed on line. It will be reduced to an E-religion, although I don't know how they will spin the "not forsaking the gathering of ourselves together." I think there will also be greater calls for money.

    Most of jw.orgs assets will be sold and money moved off shore. There will be assembly halls in main centers dotted across the world that the faithful will visit if and when they can.

    I suspect the membership will be reduced to 2-3 million people. That's if by that time they are still reporting their figures.

  • Drearyweather
    What am i thinking of? Where they just dropped the number 3 talks entirely?

    You just mixed up the TMS (Theocratic Ministry School) with the KMS (Kingdom Ministry School).

    And no, they have not dropped the number 3 talks entirely. They do have them in between, but at a less occurrence than what it was in the TMS.

  • dubstepped

    So this is the next step in eventually using Bethel speakers to do the indoctrination as we all have predicted.

    But why BEFORE the Memorial?

    My guess is that it's all about numbers. Trying to ramp up attendance before the Memorial so as to boost Memorial attendance. Even if you can't make the special talk, you can at least make the Memorial, right? At least that's my guess, it is to try to get momentum and boost Memorial attendance to look good.

  • Wakanda

    I don't know about the effectiveness of ramping up attendance before the Memorial. Seems like lots of people get there fill of Bible stuff and take a meeting off... like after C.O. visit, Memorial, Assemblies, etc. It has been that way in my area for over five years, didn't used to be like that. Attendance dips lower than normal low.

    If that is their plan, it will backfire. YES!

    We had dismal attendance for the "special" talk this year.

    We haven't heard Memorial attendance for 2017 yet have we? Didn't we usually hear in the summer? At least rumors (oral tradition crap, but we don't do oral tradition, yeah right).

    I don't know what the h~}} they are thinking. Maybe they are giving up on inviting people to the "special talk" and instead telling JWs how to behave for the Memorial?

  • Magwitch

    Wakanda - I so agree with you!

    A lot of people who visit the KH for a meeting are very often "one and done". It seems bringing your bible student to the special talk before the Memorial could really hurt the 2018 Memorial attendance.

  • dubstepped

    Yes, attendance goes down from the Memorial to the special talk, but their sakes funnel there has always been wrong. You don't lead with the most special offer, you start with something less special and work your way up. Of course attendance is down for a special talk AFTER the one annual event you shouldn't miss.

    In sales you want to get a person to take one step with you, and after that they're more likely to take another. Get a person to come for a talk, then they're more likely to take step two provided step two is a step up.

    In the end none of us knows how this plays out or the why behind it, but it seems sound from a sales perspective, and they're trying to sell these people on their cult.

  • Wakanda

    I can see your thinking Dub. If it is also the GB's, my bet is it will fail IF they are trying to get people to come to the especial talk too.

    I get the "will you do a little favor for me?" again and again, seems to work to lure people into sales, etc. If that is even related to what you are saying. Anyway, it made me think about that little trick.

    Who knows, maybe they are reading our posts and changing the invite to only have the Memorial, if I can be so pompous.

    Whatever. We'll see, I just wanted to give my two cents.

    I bet attendance went down this year worldwide, as it did in every congregation I heard about... and it hopefully will continue to go down.

  • FedUpJW

    Do you think at one time they will eliminate all speakers and the meeting will consist of just watching videos from the gb?

    I've been saying that for a couple years now, in the congregation where I still attend for family reasons.

  • stuckinarut2

    Well, I can tell you, that the average Australian finds it disturbing to hear an American speaker.

    Nothing against our friends in the USA, but in Australia, there is a more reserved culture (as there is for many other English speaking places such as UK, New Zealand etc)

    To have a "tall poppy" from the USA give a talk, (instead of a local brother) will only alienate the locals more and more....

    The GB have to see that the novelty of having their big old faces up on a screen has worn off amongst witnesses.

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